Length: 6’4″

Power(Action): Lihght Plus

Taper: Solid Tip

Lure Wt.: 1/16-1/4oz.

Line: 6-12lb.

Price: 54,000yen(w/o TAX)

The first release of the GLADIATOR Technix series is dedicated to the “Bait Finess”-Light Feelips-which has become a staple technique in shore fishing in recent years.

Among the fishing rod stocks that can be carried by the rod is restricted RAID JAPAN asked Bait Fines to use a single rod for fishing that is located at the extremes of the “hanging fishing” of the warming and the “fishing fishing” of the light plugging. It was to make it correspond to the high dimension.

The short length of 6 feet 4 inches derived from the results of repeated testing in various fields throughout the season has excellent sensitivity, operability and castability at near to mid distances where the bait finesse fishing is most active in shore fishing Demonstrate. The tip section uses a high elastic solid tip that maximizes the operability of the lightweight lure (rig), and the lines are released beautifully in various casts with different pitch, short and long swing speeds, and the back due to the resistance of the guide Equipped with a Technix original guide setting that avoids problems such as rush and flight loss.

By combining it with a bait finess compatible reel that uses a light weight spool, a rig using a 1/16 oz. Class sinker that has been used in spinning and a small hard plug of 5 g class can be cast without stress. You can continue.

It is -Light Feelips- that is the basis of the bait finesse in the shore fishing that RAID JAPAN which uses the shore fishing as the main stage sends.

※ Light Feelips (light philips) = a coined word that represents delicate and light bait finesse fishing.