Length: 7’4 “

Power (Action): Extra Heavy

Lure Wt .: 1 / 2-2.1 / 2 oz.

Line: 12-25 lb.


Diffuser (diffuser) developed with a focus on big baits, big plugs, swim baits, etc. around 2 oz. Essential and frequently used to capture monsters.

It is a well-known fact that a big lure requires a delicate approach. Diffuser has developed a rod that can accurately image the unrivaled cast performance and the condition of the underwater lure.

When casting, the load is distributed throughout the blanks, and it does not require the strength of the angler to realize a unique cast feel that allows the lure to be ejected at will.

The appropriate upper balance setting enables the delicate line slack operation required for Big Bait, S-shaped, Swim Bait and Big Crawler Bait fishing.

The short rear grip with a slightly shorter original shape for the 7’4 “length not only brings good maneuverability in the field, but also enables high-precision presentation with a compact swing.

Also, only the Big Bait As a cover capture rod with a rubber jig or a Texas rig, the height of versatility common to the Anti series that can be immediately shifted will be one of the attractive points.