Length: 7’1 ”

Power (Action): Heavy

Taper: Fast Taper

Lure Wt .: 3 / 8-2 oz.

Line: 10-24lb

Price: 46,000 yen (w / o TAX)


This -Bush Hunter (bush hunter)-was created for anti-cover fishing, which is essential for big bass hunts at shore fishing. Accurately put the Texas rig and rubber jig into the back of the cover and at the same time with the cutting tool, we focused on “hanging” the thick shaft hook on the hard upper jaw and developed it.

Rather than just a stick with a rod, it is set to the tip section that enters moderately, and it corresponds to the warmth that uses a rather lightweight sinker. In addition, I do not play the short bust of the big bus which became active by the influence of the water temperature drop and the sudden turbidity, and I am brought in to the hook up without getting caught.

From the open area to the light cover, it is the stage of the hard arm-Armstrong-but in crowded bushes, laydowns, weed areas etc-it is the stand of-Bush Hunter-with more power.
The grip length, shape, and reel sheet settings are the same as for -Armstrong-, which eliminates as much discomfort as possible immediately after holding the rod.

For guide setting, in order to make the best use of the original blanks performance, the butt section is set with the double foot guide (T-LNSG) and the single foot K guide (T-KTSG) from the belly to the tip section. A guide setting that reverses the concept of heavy rod double foot guide is the answer of RAID JAPAN derived after long-term testing.

It is -Bush Hunter- that is a rod that was born to secure (Hunt) monsters in Bush that pours into strong fishing addiction anglers.