Length: 6’11 ”

Power (Action): Medium

Taper: Medium Fast

Lure Wt .: 1/4-3/4 oz.

Line: 8-18 lb

Price: 44,000 yen (w / o TAX)

Crankbait, vibration plug, and other hard bait special machines are packed with Kodawari of Takashi Kanamori who has put in hard bait fishing in shore fishing more than anyone else.

A flexible tip section required for hard bait rods, a blank with a very stiff belly section and a powerful butt section than conventional hard bait rods.

When casting, the weight of hard bait is firmly placed on the blank to create the “overwhelming flight distance” common to the Gladiator series, and the blank without shaft shake is not only long range shooting with long distance, but also precision shooting in short range I am good at it.

The delicate and flexible tip section conveys the vibration to the angler without killing the action of crank bait, flexibly copes with the crawling bite at the end of the pickup, and brings it into the hookup without playing. In addition, the long cast cast bite 6’11 “length and firm belly, the powerful bat instantly transmits the hooking motion of the angler and hooks up. A jump that was frequently generated with a normal hard bait rod Reduce the hook-out at one shot, you can bring to the landing without giving a lead even in the fight around the cover or high footing place.

It won’t lose resistance to the fat crank shaft’s shallow crankbait, which was awkward with conventional medium-class crankbait rods, and it can be used without stress as much as 7g of small crankbait.

The answer of the hard bait rod for land use that RAID JAPAN shoots is the Transporter.

All guides Employs Fuji industrial titanium frame SiC ring guide. A double foot guide is placed in the butt section, and a single foot guide is placed on the belly to tip giving priority to bending.