The key to big lakes to capture monsters

A bust lake (a vast lake) versatile that has the versatility of handling a heavyweight lure with a single heavyweight lure by condensing the elements to win the monster bass in the mother lake that continues to be tough year by year, that is 21 top gun. By raising it by 2 inches from the 16 top gun, it has an overwhelming flight distance and strong power to securely hook the bite. One of the themes needed to capture Mother Lake is the capture of Weed Glass. Various types of weeds and glasses are scattered, but when using various rigs from 5g free rigs to leaderless down shots and snake caros, the tip does not lose to weeds and glasses, so it is more than necessary. It can be operated delicately with the line slack out without shaking, inducing a bite. Also, even when using moving baits such as swim jigs and spinner baits, the strong tip that hesitates the glass makes it easy to retrieve the slack line and bring out the original movement of the lure. It is a versatile rod that completes both static and dynamic fishing.

The key to big lakes to capture monsters

Big lake that is getting tougher year by year. As the main bait shifts from bluegill to smelt, it is clear that the tackles of the world are pointing in the direction of finesse.

But that’s not the only big lake answer. A power tackle for monsters over 60 cm is still indispensable. Completed as a heavy versatile to control his land, 16 TOP GUN will be dressed up in 2021 and will be awakened.
“By acquiring more distance, you can explore a wider area and at the same time invite a bite without giving a sense of discomfort to nervous fish.”

Takahiro Miyake, a professional guide who controls Mother Lake with a variety of strategies, regardless of hardness, has accumulated the advantages of 21TOPGUN one by one with each test.

Its length is 7ft.4in., Which is 2in. Up from the previous 16 models. While gaining an overwhelming flight distance, it deploys a tough bat power inherited from its predecessor. It goes without saying that the bite to which the long-distance cast is made is surely hooked.

The focus was on “tip taper, bending fulcrum, and balance.” The strong and tense tip easily hesitates the aquatic plants of weeds and glasses, which are the main parts of the big lake, and realizes stress-free fishing.

Its strength is that it enables delicate operations in side fishing, such as medium to heavyweight swim jigs and spinner baits, as well as big baits and swim baits and umbrella rigs. Utilizing the slack line, it enables retrieval to pursue the original action of the lure and raises the potential as a fishing rod.
“The 21 TOP GUN, which has a taper that hesitates to stack, shows its true value not only in the lateral direction but also in bottom fishing, and also attracts excellent versatileness.”

From light rigs such as free rigs and Texas rigs centered on 5g and leaderless down shots to heavy Carolina rigs of 1 / 2oz. Or more.
“By hesitating without losing the tip, you will not shake the target more than necessary when stacking.” The result is
a versatile model that completes lateral movement, static bottom, and bipolar fishing.
“Still, total balance that does not make you feel long length”

Even if you repeat casting and retrieving all day long, or if you continue to raise the rod tip, the light feeling keeps your concentration. It should be possible to cope with the onslaught of unexpected monsters.

Bending curve

SVF Nano Plus

■ SVF Nano Plus

In the carbon sheet that most affects the rod performance, the ultra-high density SVF carbon that has achieved weight reduction, power-up, and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber has further improved performance with Nano Plus. * Nano Plus: Toray Industries, Inc. Nano Alloy® has achieved high performance by using a special technology that mixes multiple types of resins (resins) that play the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together on the order of nanometers. Technology-adaptive materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa’s unique design and manufacturing methods, enabling even higher strength and lighter weight of blanks.

■ X45 Full Shield (= X45 Cobra Shield)

The X45 Full Shield completely eliminates twists that occur during dynamic movements such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting. Twisting rigidity is dramatically improved by tightening from the outermost layer, which is the most effective carbon bias cloth at 45 ° from the tip of the blank, which is most prone to twisting. Bring out the original performance of the cast accuracy and rod more than ever.


■ 3DX

3DX = 3-axis cloth is carbon of 3-axis woven fabric that works by evenly receiving forces from 3 directions. Crosses with a structure in which regular hexagons are lined up have the same force against forces from all directions, so they have excellent shape restoration force. An ideal support material that covers the rod body like stockings, suppresses distortion of the blanks during casting, and demonstrates the original performance of the blanks. Due to the synergistic effect with the thin and thick blank, it has the potential to float the ranker size with wrinkles and catch it reliably.

AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

■ AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

“Air sensor sheet” containing carbon fiber that realizes weight reduction, high strength, and high sensitivity. By specially designing according to the application, operability that cannot be experienced with a general-purpose reel seat is realized.