The highest peak and the royal road frog rod descends

Flogger is the next-generation standard frog rod that combines accuracy casting performance, operability, and power in small places such as rental boats and okappari. It is compatible with a wide range of frogs from 1 / 4oz. Class small frogs to regular size frogs, and was developed with the aim of making frog rods that are lighter and more catchable. By using an extra fast taper with a soft tip based on the Hustler instead of the regular fast taper that makes it easy to put weights on, it is easy to take action of frogs entwined with water even with the same frog, and a certain distance However, he realized many swinging actions and shook his head a lot in the target zone to induce a bite. It is also true that in frog games that are directly connected to PE, even if there is a part-time job, it is often separated. There, the soft tip acted as a shock absorber, improving the catch rate. A tough berry-bat can penetrate the hook at once and can be peeled off from the cover at once. By adopting SVF Nano Plus, we have realized a weight reduction that overturns the conventional wisdom of frog rods, and the lightness has realized accuracy cast with weight on the soft tip even with extra fast taper and outstanding operability. The guide is equipped with an MNST top and LDB guide that are easy to pull out even if the PE line is entangled, and a stress-free frog rod that reduces bruising during hooking by adopting a round shape at the grip end.

The highest peak and the royal road frog rod descends

From F “L” OGGER to F “R” OGGER. From the former, which means super-aggressive, to the angler who enjoys the latter frog game, while keeping the name of “frogger”. The traditional subname of DAIWA’s highest peak bass rod inherited from Butler, the predecessor of STEEZ, also captures and deepens the changing axis of modern bass fishing.

In developing STEEZ’s first frog rod, we aimed for an unwavering concept of “the true royal road.” What kind of masterpiece can be completed by generously injecting deep experience value, the highest peak and the latest technology? I decided to challenge endless trials and tries.

Speaking of DAIWA frog rods, the BLX-FR model starts with the BLACK LABEL Twitching frog series and adds one item this term to make a total of five items. Starting with the overwhelming LG 5111MHXB-FR and 631MHFB-FR with good maneuverability, the SG7011 and 7012MHXB-FR, which are well-established for their ample power and long stroke, are available.

Is it short or long? The SG671 MHFB-FR is sandwiched between these distinctive models. If it is too short, I will choose the situation, but I cannot deny the feeling that the once basic 7ft.UP is excessive in Japan. The length was set to 6ft.7in. To aim for true almighty on land and on boats.

The taper is a soft tip EX fast based on 08HUSTLER. The functions of excellent castability and operability are condensed into a length that is neither too long nor too short. The tip is loaded with LDB and MNST tops that can increase the load with a tilted frame, and it is possible to perform accuracy casting with weights up to regular size as well as 1 / 4oz. Class lightweight frogs. The original guide is equipped with LRV, and I would like to pay attention to the topic that sublimated to STEEZ’s first PE line fully compatible rod with the tip. In addition, quick action entwined with frog water is free. Show more dog walks at a certain distance and increase the probability of biting in the targeted zone. At the time of part-time work, the soft tip softens the resistance that the PE directly connects to the target’s mouth with the shock absorber principle and promotes biting. A tough berry-bat penetrates the thick hook into the upper jaw and can be pulled out from the cover at once. The round end reduces pain in the elbows and ribs even with intense hooking.

Good compatibility not only with operation lures but also with Texas, leaderless down shots, and wire baits. The taper design closer to warming succeeded in leading to excellent versatile performance.

The main material is SVF Nano Plus, which emphasizes sensitivity. The “highest peak royal road frog rod” with a lightweight feeling that overturns the common sense of frog rods is completed here. The mystery of material science and taper design that DAIWA has accumulated over the years is alive there.

Bending curve

SVF Nano Plus

■ SVF Nano Plus

In the carbon sheet that most affects the rod performance, the ultra-high density SVF carbon that has achieved weight reduction, power-up, and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber has further improved performance with Nano Plus. * Nano Plus: Toray Industries, Inc. Nano Alloy® has achieved high performance by using a special technology that mixes multiple types of resins (resins) that play the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together on the order of nanometers. Technology-adaptive materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa’s unique design and manufacturing methods, enabling even higher strength and lighter weight of blanks.

■ X45 Full Shield (= X45 Cobra Shield)

The X45 Full Shield completely eliminates twists that occur during dynamic movements such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting. Twisting rigidity is dramatically improved by tightening from the outermost layer, which is the most effective carbon bias cloth at 45 ° from the tip of the blank, which is most prone to twisting. Bring out the original performance of the cast accuracy and rod more than ever.


■ 3DX

3DX = 3-axis cloth is carbon of 3-axis woven fabric that works by evenly receiving forces from 3 directions. Crosses with a structure in which regular hexagons are lined up have the same force against forces from all directions, so they have excellent shape restoration force. An ideal support material that covers the rod body like stockings, suppresses distortion of the blanks during casting, and demonstrates the original performance of the blanks. Due to the synergistic effect with the thin and thick blank, it has the potential to float the ranker size with wrinkles and catch it reliably.

AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

■ AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

“Air sensor sheet” containing carbon fiber that realizes weight reduction, high strength, and high sensitivity. By specially designing according to the application, operability that cannot be experienced with a general-purpose reel seat is realized.