Extreme sensitivity with wire and worm, TYPE-II

STEEZ’s famous machine gun cast type II has undergone dramatic evolution with new rod technology, and has been reborn as a rod that allows you to experience a different dimension of pleasure. That is the 21 machine gun cast type II. Compared to the 07 model, which bends the entire rod parabolic to produce accuracy, the 21 model gained a degree of freedom in taper by significantly improving the accuracy performance by installing the X45 full shield. While maintaining a strong tip that does not lose the resistance of heavy wire bait, by concentrating the bending position at one point during casting and adding tough butt power, it suppresses body shake during casting and keeps the axis stable. It is now possible to shoot from any angle. In addition, the retrieve sensitivity of the wire bait slack line retrieve and the hooking performance for hooking a short bite during slow rolls have been dramatically improved, dramatically improving the ability to respond to warming compared to the 07 model. A versatile rod that has all the necessary elements for a machine gun style has been completed.

Extreme sensitivity with wire and worm ・ TYPE-II

It goes without saying that the TYPE-II has also undergone a dramatic evolution, following the MACHINE GUN CAST (= MC) TYPE-I, which demonstrates regular-class fast moving and flexible versatility.

Speaking of the predecessor 07MC TYPE-II, it is a famous machine with a strong impression as a dedicated wire bait machine centered on Toshinari Namiki’s 3 / 8oz. Class. Everyone should be able to think of a cast motion that bends the entire rod parabolicly, shoots a bullet and shoots a pin spot, and develops a light spinner batting.

But, however. It is clear from the completion of TYPE-I that Namiki’s speculation lies in diversity. To put it in the extreme, I was thinking of completing the game with the MC series 3 models. If so, it was a fact that the performance as a dedicated machine was not enough.
“It may give the impression that it is harder overall, but the castability is much improved. Especially, you can experience it with a roll cast.”

The fundamental reform of 21MC TYPE-II is the taper design finished in regular fast. Concentrate the bending position when casting to one point around the 4th guide. While having a strong tip that is comparable to wire bait, it has led to strong butt power. The X45 full shield that tightens the outermost layer from the tip of the blank to the bat prevents twisting and realizes casting from all angles while keeping the core axis of the body and rod stable. It is possible to embody a series of flowing MC motions that draw a circle compactly and shoot accurately with the momentum of the pickup.
“Even in retrieval, we have succeeded in improving the ability to respond to warming by finishing it as a more” fishing rod “.”

The deepening of the taper and the power-up of the entire blank have won a border that is comparable to the spinner bait of 3 / 8oz., Which is the axis of the previous model, and 5 / 8oz. In slow rolls, it shows a so-called “to-shape taper”, enabling slack winding that does not spoil vibrations from underwater while maintaining the tension of the tip. At the same time, the “U-shaped taper” can produce a natural bite with excellent sensitivity even in bottom search by Texas, free rig, and high specific gravity no sinker. Of course, the hooking performance to instantly hang a short bite is also rock solid.

The 21MC TYPE-II has improved response to heavy wire baits, dramatically improved response to warming, and dramatically improved sensitivity. Here is a bar tile rod that deploys the elements required for MC style in actual battle.

Bending curve

SVF Nano Plus

■ SVF Nano Plus

In the carbon sheet that most affects the rod performance, the ultra-high density SVF carbon that has achieved weight reduction, power-up, and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber has further improved performance with Nano Plus. * Nano Plus: Toray Industries, Inc. Nano Alloy® has achieved high performance by using a special technology that mixes multiple types of resins (resins) that play the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together on the order of nanometers. Technology-adaptive materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa’s unique design and manufacturing methods, enabling even higher strength and lighter weight of blanks.

■ X45 Full Shield (= X45 Cobra Shield)

The X45 Full Shield completely eliminates twists that occur during dynamic movements such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting. Twisting rigidity is dramatically improved by tightening from the outermost layer, which is the most effective carbon bias cloth at 45 ° from the tip of the blank, which is most prone to twisting. Bring out the original performance of the cast accuracy and rod more than ever.


■ 3DX

3DX = 3-axis cloth is carbon of 3-axis woven fabric that works by evenly receiving forces from 3 directions. Crosses with a structure in which regular hexagons are lined up have the same force against forces from all directions, so they have excellent shape restoration force. An ideal support material that covers the rod body like stockings, suppresses distortion of the blanks during casting, and demonstrates the original performance of the blanks. Due to the synergistic effect with the thin and thick blank, it has the potential to float the ranker size with wrinkles and catch it reliably.

AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

■ AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

“Air sensor sheet” containing carbon fiber that realizes weight reduction, high strength, and high sensitivity. By specially designing according to the application, operability that cannot be experienced with a general-purpose reel seat is realized.