TYPE-I is deepening with an eye on the modern scene

The machine gun cast type I, which is STEEZ’s famous rod, has undergone dramatic evolution with new rod technology and has been reborn as a rod that allows you to experience a different dimension of pleasure. That is the 21 machine gun cast type I. While significantly reducing the weight of the blank while retaining power, the X45 full shield increases the torsional rigidity to suppress the brittleness that arises during weight reduction. In addition to making a blank with a click and a sense of security even in lightness, the blank with lightness and X45 full shield realizes outstanding accuracy that aims at hard bait and puts it in a clear spot. It is light and has the stickiness to handle hard bait comfortably, and it does not pull the lure too much not only in the operation lure but also in cranking, and brings out the original movement of the lure entwined with water. It is a rod that can be shot with high accuracy under an overhang that hesitates to cast until now, and the probability of catching fish that could not be caught until now has been greatly increased.

TYPE-I is deepening with an eye on the modern scene

A cast motion that continues from the pickup in rapid succession, a live bullet that shoots sharply aimed pin spots. Who called it, “Machine Gun Cast” (= MC). Yes, Mr. STEEZ, Toshinari Namiki’s shooting style hasn’t faded yet.

At the new milestone, 21STEEZ, Namiki arranged the answer to the diversity required in the modern bass fishing scene. While the series models that have continued for generations have mastered specialized fishing methods, they are well-known for their versatility derived from their excellent blanks, but their range will be further expanded.
“With the evolution of modern reels, it was necessary to do everything from casting to operability and hooking.”

The MC series, which continues to evolve endlessly, has completed three models at once, TYPE-I, II, and III. First of all, TYPE-I, what is the superiority sought there?
“For example, a” high-sensitivity glass rod “. It is an innovative model that meets the conflicting elements.”

Continuing from the previous generation, we have refined our ability to handle regular-class scrolls such as crankbaits. The softly finished tip linearly follows the vibration of the wobble to reproduce the original movement of the lure. Namiki likened this to “glass”.

The taper that once bent the entire rod and pushed out the lure has been renewed. It rises from the berry and is finished in a regular fast that connects to a bat with increased power, enabling a compact swing that is released with a light input that turns only the tip. Create the next machine gun style.
“And above all, it’s lighter. The accuracy of single hand casting is also improved.”

The reason for being “high sensitivity” was due to its lightness. Normally, in a model with winding as the main axis, the theory is that the blank is thin and thick and sticky, but the design concept of 21MCI is a different direction.

The blank, which is lightly and slenderly finished with SVF Nano Plus, is equipped with an X45 full shield that tightens the outermost layer from the tip to the bat. Even though it is a small-diameter blank that is worried about twisting, the X45 full shield, which has a high degree of twisting rigidity proportional to the fourth power of the diameter, prevents it and provides a sharp texture.
“The evolution of the taper and the sensitivity brought about by the lightness have greatly improved the ability to respond to warming. There is no doubt that the level has improved in all cases.”

Rocks for Light Texas, Heavy Dan, High Specific Gravity No Sinker, etc. Hard bait has excellent potential even in operation systems such as jerk bait and top water. It will attract more chances by properly using TYPE-II and III.

Bending curve

SVF Nano Plus

■ SVF Nano Plus

In the carbon sheet that most affects the rod performance, the ultra-high density SVF carbon that has achieved weight reduction, power-up, and slimming by reducing the amount of resin (resin) and densely injecting carbon fiber has further improved performance with Nano Plus. * Nano Plus: Toray Industries, Inc. Nano Alloy® has achieved high performance by using a special technology that mixes multiple types of resins (resins) that play the role of an adhesive that holds carbon fibers together on the order of nanometers. Technology-adaptive materials are optimized for each model using Daiwa’s unique design and manufacturing methods, enabling even higher strength and lighter weight of blanks.

■ X45 Full Shield (= X45 Cobra Shield)

The X45 Full Shield completely eliminates twists that occur during dynamic movements such as casting, action, hooking, and fighting. Twisting rigidity is dramatically improved by tightening from the outermost layer, which is the most effective carbon bias cloth at 45 ° from the tip of the blank, which is most prone to twisting. Bring out the original performance of the cast accuracy and rod more than ever.

AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

■ AIR_SENSOR_SEAT [Air sensor sheet]

“Air sensor sheet” containing carbon fiber that realizes weight reduction, high strength, and high sensitivity. By specially designing according to the application, operability that cannot be experienced with a general-purpose reel seat is realized.