Fortune blue

  • concept

Produced by Kankaku. Snugless taper adopted.
Wide area support from shad to light rig.

Fortune blue

Combat Stick Phase Fortune Blue. Versatile spinning rod that has evolved according to the times while inheriting the basic concept of Tactics Fortune Blue, which has a very wide range of use in Okappari.

With the recent emergence and evolution of bait fins tackles, for example, small rubber jigs of 3g or more and worms of worms of 6 inches or more have been used in bait finesse. So Phase Fortune Blue steered in a more finesse direction. Tactics Fortune Blue is shortened from 7 feet to 6 feet and 8 inches to lighten, and further shortened to provide superior performance due to the delicate operation of the light rig.

Sekiwa’s commitment to avoiding the roots most especially in Okappari is inherited from Tactics Fortune Blue. Instead of an extreme first taper, we adopted a snagless taper that does not go deep into the stack and is easy to remove, increasing the chance of a bite.

In addition, excellent casting ability is a common feature of the Phase series. The feeling of carrying lightweight drop shots, cat rigs and jig head rigs further, more accurately and comfortably is impressive. In addition, the long throw performance of no sinker and small rubber jig when clear water is needed is an absolute advantage for buses that look spooky. It has excellent sensitivity and hooking response for sensing and capturing distant bites in a Carolina rig or split shot rig. In addition, it is also suitable for shad during strong winds and even for fast winding minnows.

Phase Fortune Blue that combines long throwing power and operability at a high level. This is a self-confidence work by Sekiwa Gakuin that demonstrates its performance not only as a versatile spin in Okappari, but also in severe tournament situations.

<Corresponding lure & rig>
Nekorigu / Drop shot rig / Jig head rig / Small rubber jig / No sinker / Small minnow shad / Carolina rig / Split shot rig etc…

  • blank
    A supple and powerful low taper thick winding design that smoothly transmits force and vibration while avoiding extreme bending. From berry to tip, sharp feeling with reduced blur due to unpainted unsanded finish, bat section is tenacious and powerful with woven cross reinforcement. Starting with excellent cast performance, it demonstrates high performance in a series of operations of operating, feeling, multiplying and catching.
  • Guide system
    The tip side is a titanium frame, single foot, torzeite ring, and the butt side is a stainless frame, high foot, SiC ring. A well-balanced setting that allows you to feel a sharp swing through.
  • Winding check
    A winding check that plays the role of a “signal transmitter” that linearly transmits vibration from the blank.
  • Reel seat design
    Fuji / VSS reel seat with a slender body that improves rod operability. Streamlined form that minimizes the difference between body, hood, and nuts, reducing hand pain and fatigue even when fishing for a long time. A phase original reel seat emblem is attached to a delicate black polish paint.
  • Grip design
    A combination of a sharp and rigid minimum fore grip composed of metal parts and carbon sleeves, and a straight EVA rear grip that is reminiscent of a conventional combat stick and is slightly slim and easy to use. Designed with high balance so that the center of gravity is closer to the hand when the reel is set. The grip end is equipped with a combat stick image color, deep green base phase original end plate.