• concept

High-dimensional fusion of throwing tone and hanging tone.
Mid heavy for light Texas and large top.


Versatile evolved medium rod that can be used for both winding and shooting . Phase Tempest is slightly faster than Phase Warrior . Operation from light Texas to large top by designing in the direction to increase operability, bottom sensing power, and power to apply, while leaving the long cast performance & cast accuracy coming from the outstanding swing feeling unique to the phase Compatible with a wide range of lures and moving lures with strong pull resistance.

The worm jig system shows excellent performance in shooting Texas Texas rigs, high specific gravity worm no sinkers, zerodans, and snakedans into pin spots, and eating them. In addition, football jigs in deep water show excellent performance in bottom sensing ability and eating operation.

In addition, the rolls range from spinner baits such as D-zone power blades , braided jigs such as jack hammers, and large shallow crank baits such as shallow hogs and combat cranks 320 to medium diver crank baits . While having the power to catch the vibration firmly, it also has the flexibility to handle lures that are difficult to feel like a swimming jig .

And shower blowsCasting performance and operability to throw a large top water plug like this and dog walk quickly, and hooking performance at a long distance is a masterpiece.

A magic blank & guide setting that combines the supple and supple action and the operability that comes from metallic sensitivity. A black shaft that fuses throwing tone and hanging tone at a high level. From boat anglers to Okappa Liangler. Tempest is a mid-heavy versatile rod that can handle a wide range of situations and a wide range of lures.

<Supported lures and rigs>
Texas rigs / guarded jigs / football jigs / finesse rubber jigs / heavy carolina rigs / spinnerbaits / big pencil baits etc…

  • blank
    Low resin medium elastic carbon is used as the main material, and it is designed with low taper to avoid extreme bends. Sand finish (between tip and former guide) realizes a sharp feeling. At the same time, the berry tension enhances the hooking response, and the bat section reinforced with a tenacious and powerful woven cloth (plain weave cloth) supports from hooking to launching.

    A high-performance blank that combines operability, sensitivity, and power with a basic design that pursues cast performance.

  • Guide system
    The tip side is a titanium frame, single foot, torzeite ring, and the butt side is a stainless frame, double foot, SiC ring. A well-balanced setting that allows you to feel a sharp swing through.
  • Winding check
    A winding check that plays the role of a “signal transmitter” that linearly transmits vibration from the blank.
  • Reel seat design
    Original reel seat developed by Evergreen, EG Super Bus Seat Slim. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. The slim body of the original shape enhances casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming to reduce hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly with your little finger.

    A phase original reel seat emblem is attached to a delicate black polish paint.

  • Grip design
    A combination of a sharp and rigid minimum fore grip composed of metal parts and carbon sleeves, and a straight EVA rear grip that is reminiscent of a conventional combat stick and is slightly slim and easy to use. Designed with high balance so that the center of gravity is closer to the hand when the reel is set.

    The grip end is equipped with a combat stick image color, deep green base phase original endplate.