Laser shot

  • concept

More distance and accuracy with low trajectory. Technical short gear to be manipulated at will.

Laser shot

Technical short gear and laser shots that bring life to operation lures such as top water and jerkbait.

For example, a high-precision cast that screws a treble hook hard bait into an overhang. The lure can be presented more accurately with a low trajectory. In addition, continuous dogwalks and twitches allow you to manipulate the lure at will without any extra effort, minimizing the burden on anglers.

In addition, the smooth blank has not only hard bait casting and operation, but it also has the ability to bite with a simple roll.

With outstanding performance in casting, operation, and biting, in addition to top water, jerkbait, and even scroll-type lures, it also supports drop shots that are aimed at shooting and light Texas shaking. It is a rod that improves the angler as you use it.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Top water / Jerk bait / Small spinner bait / Metal vibration / Drop shot rig / Light Texas rig etc…

“Super Gonzalez finished with laser shots. The lure used is wake magic. A very accurate cast was necessary.”
Toshifumi Kikumoto Click here for laser shot commentary
  • blank
    A supple and powerful low taper thick winding design that avoids extreme bending and conveys force smoothly. Combined with the short-length design, it enables pin spot presentation and sharp operation on a low trajectory with a lure weight on the rod.

    [Tip-former guide] Unpainted unsanded finish for a sharp feel.

    [Bat section] Reinforced stronger and more powerful woven cloth (plain weave cloth).

  • Guide system
    TOP to # 2 guides are titanium frame SiC rings, and # 3 to # 7 are all double foot specifications of stainless steel frame SiC rings. Using the weight of the double foot guide at the tip, it creates a blank bend when casting, and in jerking and twitching, the tip is set downward to make it easier to swing the rod.
  • Reel seat design
    Original reel seat developed by Evergreen, EG Super Bus Seat Slim. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. The slim body of the original shape enhances casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming to reduce hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly with your little finger. A phase original reel seat emblem is attached to a delicate black polish paint.
  • Grip design – A combination of a compact EVA foregrip that reduces the burden on fingers caused by a jerk and twitches, and a straight EVA rear grip that is slightly thin and easy to apply force, and also has a high balance that brings the center of gravity closer to the hand when a reel is set . The grip end is equipped with a deep green base phase original endplate.