• concept

Produced by Kankaku. Supports high-dimensional wide area in Okappari.
Outstanding cast performance and operability.


The phase explorer boasts amazing long throw performance. The ability to carry lures farther and accurately is stunning. The frustration of the Okappa rear angler is eliminated by making the range and the opposite shore not reachable in a short distance reach range.

A short grip with a focus on operability is adopted for the long length of 7 feet and 1 inch, which produces the best throwing force. This makes it possible to make the most of the effective length of the blank and at the same time make full use of delicate rod work that does not seem to be a long rod. Numerous benefits born from this. For example, it is easier to avoid the roots that you want to avoid the most for the Okappa rear angler by raising the rod tip.

In addition, we are confident in the suction to hooking performance, power and torque utilizing the stroke unique to the long length. In addition, because it has versatile characteristics that can handle a wide range of weights, it can be said to be a model that demonstrates the superiority of Okakari that can do anything with this one regardless of lure or place.

In shooting fishing, high precision pitching with Texas rig, high specific gravity worm no sinker, zero-dan, etc., and hooking at a high hitting point, it is possible to drag the bass from the cover at the same time as Awase. For side fishing using a combination of a head tailor or other shad tail worm no sinker, a weighted hook rig, or a swimming jig, the hooking performance from a long cast is remarkable.

Long-length and short grips that can handle small baits, medium- and large-sized top water, buzz baits, spinner baits, braided jigs, various scrolls from shallow to deep cranks, and operating hard baits. Sekiwa’s confident work says, “Okapari and tournaments are often used because of their wide range of uses”. Explorer. First of all, please enjoy an exhilarating feeling of swinging and feel the overwhelming flight distance.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Texas rigs / guarded jigs / swimming jigs / vibrations / shallow to middle crankbaits / spinnerbaits / bait cats / high specific gravity worm no sinkers etc …

  • blank
    Low-resin medium elastic carbon is used as the main material to balance the cast feel and sharp operation feeling on the lure. In addition, the butt diameter is thick, the tip is made high taper and the carbon sheet is thinly wound to eliminate the feeling of weight even though it has a long length and short grip. Long cast performance unique to long length and outstanding operability that cannot be thought of as long length.

    [Tip-former guide]
    Unpainted unsanded finish for a sharper feel.

    [Bat section]
    Reinforced stronger and more powerful woven cloth (plain weave cloth).

  • Guide system
    The tip side is a titanium frame, single foot, torzeite ring, and the butt side is a stainless frame, double foot, SiC ring. A well-balanced setting that allows you to feel a sharp swing through.
  • Reel seat design
    Original reel seat developed by Evergreen, EG Super Bus Seat Slim. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. The slim body of the original shape enhances casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming to reduce hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly with your little finger.

    A phase original reel seat emblem is attached to a delicate black polish paint.

  • Grip design
    A combination of a sharp and rigid minimum fore grip composed of metal parts and carbon sleeves, and a straight EVA rear grip that is reminiscent of a conventional combat stick and is slightly slim and easy to use. Designed with high balance so that the center of gravity is closer to the hand when the reel is set.

    The grip end is equipped with a combat stick image color, deep green base phase original endplate. Grip removable.