Drift master

  • concept

Excellent operation and sensing power. An aggressive midst that aggressively works.

Drift master

With its unique taper design, excellent light rig control performance that provides an exquisite total balance of guide setting and grip setting, it fully supports midst (mid stroling), which is one of the most difficult techniques for mid-level strategy.

In addition to the “operating power” that allows the middle layer to swim naturally while rolling the worm freely, which is the basic condition of the midstrod, it changes the midst’s fishing that tends to be passive with no feeling at hand, underwater conditions at hand An unprecedented aggressive midstrod with the “sensibility” to capture and set.

Due to its outstanding “operating power” and “sensing power”, not only midst, but also middle-level strategy techniques such as botost, lift & fall, swimming, falling, etc., to surface jerks and I-shaped pulling … tough in recent years The super finesse technique, which is indispensable for overcoming difficult field conditions, can be handled at a high level.

<Supported lures & rigs>
● Jig head rig ● Wacky rig ● Jig head wacky rig ● No sinker rig ● Small rubber jig ● Neco rig ● Drop shot rig ● Shad etc…

Development concept
Aggressive midstrod and phase drift master are born to enable high-dimensional midsts.
The rod supports the operation of midst, which relied heavily on personal techniques. A rod that can develop a high-level midst game by controlling the line slack according to the intention of Angler.
In addition, the rod that always shakes the rod, feels the sense of incongruity that could only be felt somehow, and changes it into aggressive fishing that actively puts on the passive midst. That is “Drift Master”!
  • ■ Blank
    The tip of the tip is designed to be difficult to bend about 20cm. A low taper blank that is slender and thick, yet bends smoothly while leaving a tip.

    ・ Because the entire blank can be cast with weights on it, the long throw performance of the light rig is excellent.

    -Since the tip is not too soft or bent, the line slack amount can be controlled as the angler wishes.

    ・ Since there is no vibration absorption due to tip shake, the midst that keeps swinging the rod will surely convey a sense of discomfort such as touching a bite or an obstacle to the hand.

    -The entire rod will follow and prevent looseness even when the bus jumps or rushes. And the fish is floated by making use of the whole rod.

    Click here for a more detailed explanation of the blank “Relationship between Midst Rod and Taper-The Truth of Line Slack Operation”
  • ■ Guide system
    Tip-Berry (# 1-4) is a combination of lightweight titanium frame, single foot, torzeite ring (TOP is titanium frame, SiC ring), and bat (# 5-7) is a combination of stainless frame, single foot, SiC ring. While keeping the number of guides to the minimum necessary, each guide ring diameter is sufficiently secured and multi-point is not used.

    -Sharp swing-through feeling and line omission improve, enabling long casts of lightweight rigs.

    ・ Line slack is easy to remove, the rod can be shaken with a light force, and the blurring of the blank more than necessary is suppressed, improving the control of shaking.

  • ■ Seat & grip design
    Lightweight and compact Fuji IPS reel sheet + Lightweight and easy-to-operate separate grip combination.
  • ■ Rear grip
    Round shape
    -Fits in the palm of your hand while palming, you can play moderately, rhythmic continuous rod action without any effort.High-hardness EVA material.
    Sensitivity is increased, and fatigue can be reduced because it can be grasped with light force without excessive biting into the hand during operation.
  • ■ Grip length