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Outstanding cast performance. Versatile evolution.
What inherits the blood of a warrior


Combat Stick Series A new warrior Combat Stick Phase Warrior that has inherited the name of the legendary Warrior and has evolved from the first Combat Stick to Tactics and Phase. A low taper thick winding design that eliminates the extreme first taper, and by using no ultra-high elasticity carbon, it has a suppleness that boasts outstanding cast performance, a very strong and tough and sticky blank despite its slimness Realization. Versatile evolution medium rod that can be used for both winding and shooting.

Above all, it is a cast and comfortable rod that allows you to feel the feeling of “carrying it on the lure”. Needless to say, the long cast performance with overhead full cast, it boasts a stubborn taper that supports and follows all casting methods. The accuracy in side hand, back hand and pitching is different. Alternatively, it is easy to cast with high difficulty, such as circle casting with a light force, backhand circle, etc., and it becomes fun to throw, and at the same time it is compatible with the increasingly tougher bass fishing field. “In bass fishing, where hundreds of throws per day will occur, the difference between the tough times is definitely an improvement in accuracy,” says Toshifumi Kikumoto.

In addition, a unique guide setting with a small caliber torzeite ring and SiC ring mixture, and an unsanded finish on the shaft above the original guide also contribute to improved casting performance. Realizes an outstanding swing-through feeling when casting. Furthermore, the lightness in the real sense that it feels light when you put a reel and tie a lure, not just a light rod, produced by its unique manufacturing method & setting, high operability coming from its good balance, And even though it is supple, the sensitivity that can be said to be metallic is even touching.

3 / 8-1 / 2oz spinner baits, buzz baits, braided jigs, shallow-mid cranks, shad tail worm no sinkers, weighted rigs, and all top water plugs. From light Texas rigs to heavy-duty and zero-dan to 6-12 inch straight worm neko rigs, finesse rubber jigs up to 3 / 8oz and football jigs and warming jigs. Versatile evolution that supports a surprisingly wide range. Phase Warrior. A simple black shaft is packed with performance for fishing.

<Corresponding Lure & Rig>
Spinnerbait / Buzzbait / Shallow to Middle Crankbait / Vibration / Top Water / Light Texas Rig / Finesse Rubber Jig / Football Jig / High Specific Gravity Worm No Sink etc …

  • blank
    A supple and powerful low taper thick winding design that smoothly transmits force and vibration while avoiding extreme bending. From berry to tip, sharp feeling with reduced blur due to unpainted unsanded finish, bat section is tenacious and powerful with woven cross reinforcement. Starting with excellent cast performance, it demonstrates high performance in a series of operations of operating, feeling, multiplying and catching.
  • Guide system
    The tip side is a titanium frame, single foot, torzeite ring, and the butt side is a stainless frame, double foot, SiC ring. A well-balanced setting that allows you to feel a sharp swing through.
  • Winding check
    A winding check that plays the role of a “signal transmitter” that linearly transmits vibration from the blank.
  • Reel seat design
    Original reel seat developed by Evergreen, EG Super Bus Seat Slim. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. The slim body of the original shape enhances casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming to reduce hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly with your little finger. A phase original reel seat emblem is attached to a delicate black polish paint.
  • Grip design combination of a sharp and rigid minimum fore grip composed of metal parts and carbon sleeves, and a straight EVA rear grip that is reminiscent of a conventional combat stick and is slightly slim and easy to use. Designed with high balance so that the center of gravity is closer to the hand when the reel is set. The grip end is equipped with a combat stick image color, deep green base phase original end plate.