Acroba 66M “Versatile” Acroba 66M / Versatile
Use high elasticity carbon in the blank, the rod taper can be made to suck the lure into the bath without losing the bite sensing ability by putting together the first taper. At the same time, because of the high elasticity of the repulsive force, when casting is also excellent in long cast performance to send the lure away. This is a versatile finish that covers everything from the bottom range on middle-class Texas rigs and rubber jigs to the mid-range on mid-sized spinner baits and more. It is also recommended for a limited one from Shore.

Lure Medium rig general

Games: All-rounder Guide: TZ titanium frame K guide (Fuji) specifications Reel seat: PTS 17 (Fuji)
※ Rod dimensions a. Foot position when reel mounted (Bate model is trigger) to grip end b. Grip total length ( In the case of the bait model, it will be longer by about +5 mm when the reel is attached)