Acroba 68H “Bottom Snipe” ACROBA 68H / Bottom Snipe The
first tapered bottom rod that beautifully arcs when loaded on the rod. The bus rod usually consists of three sections of tip, berry, and bat, but regarding this rod, the three steps in the first taper are tipped, ripped and picked up by the bat in each section. It is a model that you can experience clearly by work. In addition, from the smallness of the first taper unique, the ability to manage the cover with a good pitching with a small amount of weight and a sense of weight is also a great attraction.

Games: Jig & Texas etc. Guide: TZ titanium frame K guide (Fuji) specifications Reel sheet: PTS 17 (Fuji)
* Rod dimensions a. Foot position when reel mounted (Bate model is trigger) to length of grip end b. Grip overall length (In the case of a bait model, it will be longer by about +5 mm when equipped with a reel)