Standard model that covers a wide area from small places such as narrow waterways and streams to large rivers. The flexible and delicate tips realize good maneuverability and high cast accuracy, and are good at games that shoot at pinpoints in small areas. It will be useful for pitching under the shade and for deployment that accurately traces the structure. The strong and powerful bat power and the high hold feeling by the grip set slightly longer, it is possible to fight with confidence in the Ranker class. While this rod is easy for everyone to handle, it is a book that can be recommended for advanced users who want delicate, fine rod work.

Dimensions: 1624 mm Joint: Grip joint Guide: SiC stainless steel frame K guide (Fuji) specification Reel sheet: TCS17 (Fuji)
※ Rod dimension a. Length from grip end to trigger b. With front hood nut tightened Grip length (when reel is attached it will be longer by about +5 mm)