It is a mid-length model that shows potential in the middle to lower reaches of rivers, waterways with high scaffolding, or situations where a long cast is required. Finished in such a lightweight design that the high long-throw performance and 71 do not seem to be, the blank making use of the length makes the rod work lighter. In addition, while having a sharp cast feel and light maneuverability, the bat has toughness and tenacity to be able to safely perform landings such as “drag out” and “pull out” in a high channel of scaffolding. It is a slightly stronger setting overall, but it has a flexible tip that makes it easy to catch a bite, and a lightweight lure can be cast and cast firmly.

Dimensions: 1800 mm Joint: Grip joint Guide: SiC stainless steel frame K guide (Fuji) specification Reel sheet: TCS17 (Fuji)
※ Rod dimension a. Length from grip end to trigger b. With front, hood nut tightened Grip length (when the reel is attached it will be longer by about +5 mm)