Acroba 67MH “Orbit Manipulate” Acroba 67MH / Orbit Manipulate
This is a special type of fast moving lure, and the main sheet is now a choice of low elastic thick carbon fibers. In this way, it is possible to penetrate the jaws of the bass and even with a heavy wire hook after alleviating the looseness that is the weakness of the scroll-based lure. And when fighting with a big bus with its own variable taper, it is designed to follow the bat bend according to the running of the bus while maintaining sufficient belly and bat power. For this model, attach an EVA butt cap that emphasizes the grip at the time of casting.

Games: Fast-moving guide: TZ titanium frame K guide (Fuji) specifications Reel seat: PTS 17 (Fuji)
※ Rod dimensions a. Foot position when reel mounted (Bate model is trigger) to grip end b. Grip total length (In the case of a bait model, it will be longer by about +5 mm when the reel is attached)