Games: General Light Rig Guide: TZ titanium frame KR guide (Fuji) specifications Reel sheet: VSS16 (Fuji) Applicable spinning reel Estimated reel: No. 2000 to 2500 / No. 2000 to 2500 made by D
※ Rod dimensions a. Of the foot position (Bait model is a trigger) to the grip end b. Grip overall length (For a bait model, it will be longer by about +5 mm when the reel is attached)

Acroba 61LX “Sensitive and Strong” acroba 61LX / While
having a moderate tension with high sensitivity and strong sensitivity, the flexible bend tip has high operability that enables flexible shaking by the small movement of the grip. It is a model of At the same time, the tip combines the overhead performance at casting, as well as the accuracy ability to feed lures to pin spots with various casts such as side and short pitch. Furthermore, it is a sensitive & strong rod that a strong bat made of high elastic carbon abundantly made it easy to pull the bath out of the structure.