Acroba 65LF “Exact Barrage” ACROBA 65LF / EXCEPT BARAGE This
is a set of cast accuracy & flight distance required for bait finesses and hooking response. In particular, the blank tip section in casting is designed with an emphasis on how to make a tip that can be used for blur-free accuracy casting by balancing it with the torque guide guide. Also, by attaching the RVTG # 6F, which is a dedicated light line guide, to the butt guide, unnecessary line slugs are suppressed, and at the same time, the frictional resistance due to the line angle is reduced. This has increased the flight distance of the lightweight Finesse rig.

Games: Bait finess guide: TZ titanium frame K guide + RVTG (Fuji) specifications Reel seat: PTS 17 (Fuji)
※ Rod dimensions a. Foot position when reel mounted (Bate model is trigger) to grip end b. Grip overall length (In the case of a bait model, it will be longer by about +5 mm when equipped with a reel)