A bait finesse rod that allows you to push the light rig out of the pin spot of the underwater structure with the ultimate operability of the lightweight rig. While controlling the rig as imaged, it conveys the contact to the underwater structure sharply, conveys the falling bite at hand, and delicate tip that enters exquisitely when listening to the bus bite, and sweep hooking firmly In order to give a feeling of hanging through the upper jaw, a tapered design that smoothly connects from the berry to the bat is adopted. After being hung, the smooth bend from the berry to the bat follows the movement of the fish and can catch the kicker fish without violently surrendering. The rod became the driving force of the third consecutive victory of the Basher All-Star Classic. The vegetation that is likely to break in the spinning light line, the 8lb. The true value of this rod is the potential to pull out the bus from the pin spot. The guide is equipped with DAIWA’s original guide setting “RR-spec (Reduced Resistance) guide system” that reduces the line discharge resistance of the small-diameter guide system aimed at improving the ease of operation of free sinks and lightweight rigs. One of the souls that can fully enjoy the power of bait finesse.