A model that pursues the ease of casting, accuracy, and good return that are required when attacking with a bush, cover, and a bus with a run & gun.

5 ‘8 “(carbon) LURE: 5-18 

LINE: 6-16 LB rod WT: 44 g Pack length: 151 cm rod B price: 25,000 yen + tax 

standard grip: single / cancer meta set price: 42,000 yen + tax

While the long cast reduces the pressure by taking a distance and searches extensively, the short cast accurately sends the lure into a low-pressure point such as the back of a standing tree, inside the bush, etc. It can be said that it is a fishing method with emphasis.
Buses who entered the high season are more active and often head to shallows, but their shallowness also increases their vigilance and hides in the back of obstacles during the day for predation opportunities. You are aiming for under such circumstances, the method that is valid no matter how long now is run and gun. How to go fishing while attacking the points with good tempo, with short-range correctly. What is required for this fishing is the accuracy and quick return of casting. The SS-58RG was designed to be the easiest to use 7 to 14 g hard bait, which is frequently used among them. The tip is a bit softer so that you can not play a strong part in the bus. Furthermore, when power is added, the power is transferred smoothly from the middle to the bat to maintain a beautiful bending curve.

In addition, although the length of 5 and a half with this hand rod is common, I felt that I was insufficient in the ability to cope with various points that appeared one after another with this length, so it was 5 feet as a result of trial and error. We adopted 8 inches. Of course, the adoption of low resin control material succeeds in weight reduction though it is 2 inches long. (Blank weight 44g)

Castability that can be cast with lure firmly, there is a high degree of versatility such as spinner bait cover strike, trace of crank bait break, etc. Please realize excellent ease of use.