6’6 ”(carbon)

LURE: 5-18

LINE: 6-14 LB 
Rod WT: 50 g

Pack length: 166 cm Rod B

Suggested price: 24,000 yen + tax

Standard grip: Semi-double / Gun meta Set price: 41,000 yen + tax

In the Minnow game near the surface of the water, the strong, stiff tip straightens the Minnow’s movement and can not produce a glossy action.
In addition, even if it is too soft, it is difficult for the tip to absorb the force and to cause the movement you expect. The surface platters have soft but moderate tension tips due to the exquisite matching of low and medium elasticity, and the tension that is characteristic of carbon from the middle to butt, topwater minnowing with minnow Lets play intense jerking in or slick yet tricky movements.

Furthermore, in the case of the minnow action of the upright system Minnow pencil, when making the illusion that the glass is a poor skill and making the sharp action, and the topwater plug such as a pencil first action, a switcher or a popper, the illusion of sharp presentation. Will create the best action.

The high repulsive force and tension, which is a characteristic of carbon that is not found in glass, opens up another world of top water.