6’4 ”(carbon) LURE: 7-18 LINE: 8-16 LB 
rod WT: 49 g Pack length: 160 cm Rod B price: 25,000 yen + tax
Standard grip: Semi-double / Gun meta

Suggested Set price: 42,000 yen + tax

Long cast deep cranks, heavy spinnerbaits and vibrations to explore the mid-range bus extensively. Ideal for use under such circumstances.
By combining the material of medium elasticity and low elasticity, the characteristics of tenacity and tension were beautifully fused. The sense of being able to put on without playing at a small Atari is transmitted to the hand, and the stickiness of the bat can respond flexibly to sudden thrusts, reducing the bashes and catching the bus with certainty.

A versatile hard bait special rod that can be used for various types of plugs.

A rod for comfortably handling a moving system (also referred to as a winding system) lure that plays an active part in a wide range from shallow (about 30 cm below the surface to about 1 meter) to the middle (below the shallow, about 5 meters).