6’6 ”(Glass & Carbon) LURE: 10-18g LINE: 8-12 LB SECTION: 2pcs 
rod WT: 57g Pack length: 128.5cm rod B price: 25,000 yen + tax
Standard grip: single / gray Set price: 42,000 yen + tax

“Hatley’s Stick” A

rod for exclusive use with Hatleys released in 1986, “FGO-65L”.

This rod was created by trial and error while he or his friends were looking for a rod that could make Hattoris move “glamor” and remodeling the fly rod.

The following is written in the catalog copy at that time.

Please to “try waving silently this rod. First. You should Nasaru surely surprised.
Elasticity is there stickiness. Watery you.
Skip very loose the top water, lightly, and then landing Poton, and.
In addition, you The top water plug should give you a captivating action that you have never experienced before. ”It has

a good swinging ability at the cast, a power that is not too much at the time of the fight, but loose the plug Fly and manipulate the top water plug

In order to meet this contradictory demand, what we chose at that time was the “one & half” specification.

Using a glass material for the tip part, a resilient elasticity will fly the plug loosely, and the plug will be manipulated with a vibrancy like “Unyonyou.”

The bat section protects the overall balance, does not become too hard, and raises the goodness of casting when casting, and obtains 65% of glass and 35% of carbon in order to obtain power that is not excessive when fighting with a bath The composite of was adopted.

This time, too, we choose the one that is said to be the closest among the latest materials, and it has become the material distribution at that time.

The top is in 1986, the bottom is New Rod. The color is burned and changed, but it is the same as at that time.

※ Released in May 2009