Reservoir stick FO-60 / B 2013 model

6’0 ”(glass) LURE: 7-18 g LINE: 8-15 LB rod WT: 62 g Pack length: 154 cm 
 Champion ferrule specification (a grip connector for MG grip included)

Suggested Price: 25,000 yen + tax

 It is a glass rod representing Smith’s topwater that continues to be loved over time. It is a talked-out rod, but the design concept is specified in the catalog at that time, so I will introduce it.

In the case of “man-made lake, you can approach up to about 15m to the spot in the context of multi-and transparency of objects. Problem but rather, the clearance of trees and bush, how exactly, but you can gently presentation.
Taken together the conditions And, the material is a sticky glass. The length is 6ft. The priority is 1 piece in priority. The speed of the cast, considering the subtlety of the plug production, by all means, a slow taper. When it comes to this, it will be this. “(From the 1984 catalog copy)


Topwater plucking GO-102 / B 2013 model

6’6 ”(graphite 2 pieces) LURE: 10-21 g LINE: 8-15 LB rod WT: 50 g Pack length: 108 cm  Champion ferrule specification ( cripion 
connector included for MG grip)

 Price: 27,000 yen + tax * Grip sold separately.
 Born from “Smith style”, which enjoys casting and fishing while enjoying plucking, it is a natural lake typified by Lake Ashinoko, and at a distance, pencils of 5/8 oz class are created based on the concept of “loose poton” It is a graphite rod. Here also introduces the design concept of the catalog at that time.

“It is a taboo that approaches the shore in a natural lake. It is a long rod with a slow taper that can carry a light plug toward the spot at a slow speed, with strong torque, from a distance of 20 to 30 m offshore.
The slow taper rod tip is also effective for the watering, flimsy and delicate action of the topwater plug: the hard elasticity of the graphite lightens the weight due to its length and makes it easy to take a strike (From the 1984 catalog copy)

Guide is the last whitebon guide
 As it was at the time of sale, a featherweight Champignon grip specification butt ferrule is attached.
 For those who use a magnesium handle, a chain ferrule connector is attached as an accessory.