6’0 “(carbon / glass) LURE: 10-28 g LINE: 10-20 LB SECTION: 1 pcs 
rod WT: 45 g Pack length: 159 cm Rod B price: 25,000 yen + tax
Standard grip: Single / Gun Meta Set price: 42,000 yen + tax
Graphite Medium has developed the concept of

“a rod

that doesn’t get tired even if you throw a 5/8 oz to 3/4 oz size plug all day long”, such as the original Zaras Pouq, Zara II, and Magnum Tiger .

The material is carbon if only lightness is considered, but if it is carbon alone, the torque will be too strong and the movement of the plug will be too sharp.

However, some degree of tenacity is essential to handle surface plugs as soft and shiny, but rods larger than medium will be too heavy.

Therefore we decided to add glass material mainly of carbon material.

Although it is a reverse pattern, the know-how acquired in the first Hatley’s Stick development was replaced with the current material, and trial and error were repeated, and a compositable composite blank was completed.

Graphite medium is lightly tensioned by the exquisite matching of low elastic carbon and glass, and the force is transmitted smoothly from the tip to the berry while receiving the weight plug softly, and the bat power with added tenacity It gives you a nice, sharp feel for use.

※ July 2009