6’6 “(carbon) LURE: 5-14 LINE: 6-12 LB 
Rod WT: 43 g

Pack length: 174 cm

Rod B

Suggested price: 25,000 yen + tax

Standard grip: single / gray Set price: 42,000 yen + tax

The highly transparent open fields of natural lakes require accurate presentation to long distances and spots. One of the things that made this task so easy was the

Supreme Cast SC-1 with the topwater platter surname .

Bend reasonable and good taper of the missing, to ease the operation of the pencil bait, also, the length of 6’6 “is for us to facilitate the long-distance.

At that time glass blank was still heavy, for long-distance cast
” The 3M carbonite material used in the Mariette Supreme® fly rod, although lighter than carbon, was the best material for Super Strike, which is ideal for long casts with its own torque close to the glass.
Based on this carbonite blank, we designed it and made it from the original blank custom-made to Research Engineering, Inc.  The catalog of those days is the

“Supreme Cast Series”


The material is carbonite.

It is a more resilient material than graphite. Rigidity is also a strong material. That’s why.
The large torque of the slow taper should feel like a sharp core was born.It’s not just “flying”, it’s smoother in power and casting is even more accurate. The subtle touch will be sharpened again. And it’s light.

Clearly, it is a luxury rod. But it’s a good rod.

Unfortunately, carbonite materials are not available anymore, but we now think that we have finished using a rod that can be used in the same sense as in the past without using high modulus carbon often used in bus rods You

It is a carbon rod that enjoys long-distance casting at a slow and slow speed, manipulates surface plugs, and enjoys plugging.

Stainless frame SIC guide
  ※ To be released in the middle of May