A special crankbait made of ultra-low modulus carbon that promises accurate and comfortable cranking .


If you want to choose the best crankbait (hard bait with treble hook) from the Orion series…
The answer is the Fire Sword, which packs all the performance required for shallow to mid-range fishing with round, flat-sided, and shad crankbaits in a well-balanced manner. It is a rod that not only has the ability to “good suction” and “prevent it from falling apart,” which are essential for a rolled rod, but also allows you to handle crankbaits “accurately” and “comfortably.”
The biggest feature is the unique blank design that uses a special high resin type ultra-low elasticity 10 ton carbon as the main material and a hybrid of glass material. The benefit is a combination of flexibility and tension. Furthermore, weight reduction has been realized.
Due to the blank structure, which is mainly made of carbon material, it feels lighter and crisper when you hold it in your hand, compared to a glass alone. However, by using ultra-low elasticity, high-resin type carbon, and hybridizing glass, it gradually becomes milder as the load is applied. The bat’s 4-axis reinforcement works in the torsional direction, suppressing power loss without sacrificing flexibility.
Comfortable cast feel
With this material composition, the cast can fully demonstrate their abilities. The allowable range is wide, such as crankbaits that fly when the center of gravity shifts, crankbaits that are light and have high air resistance, full casts, circle casts, etc… Place the lure weight firmly on the flexible tip, and do not move too fast from the take-back with effective tack. It shoots out at the perfect speed without being too slow. After release, the tip shake settles quickly, allowing you to send the crankbait to the desired spot with a low trajectory.
The original action of the lure
Then, when the lure starts moving, the flexibility of the tip works again, allowing it to swim lively without interfering with the action of the crankbait. Furthermore, a guide that is slightly larger than usual is set at the tip part so that the line can dance more when retrieving. This is a commitment to bring out 100% of the original movement of each crankbait.
Vibration transmission & sensing performance
Because the main material is carbon, it has excellent transmission properties. By observing changes in the vibration of the crankbait and tip, you can grasp the current state of the lure. Therefore, it becomes easier to perform operations that induce bites, such as licking the bottom or obstacles, hooking it on weeds and cutting it, making contact with the cover, stopping it, and letting it float, etc., and you can practice cranking with higher precision.
Ability to catch without losing
When you bite or hook a fish, unlike regular carbon rods, it has a special feeling that only ultra-low elasticity carbon and glass can provide. In addition to the glass feeling of sucking it deep into the bait and following it even when it is shallow, the repulsive force unique to carbon allows for deep hooking even when the bait runs from a long distance or toward you, making it ideal for crankbaits that have many patterns. It will support you and ensure a safe landing.
Although it is often overlooked because of its simple action of throwing and reeling, the Fire Sword is a special bait that is packed with elements that will definitely improve crankbait fishing.
<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Shallow to middle crankbait ●Small crankbait ●Big crankbait ●Minnow/shad ●Vibration ●Small spinnerbait etc…
  • ■ Blank
    [Main materials used]
    The main shaft from the bat to the tip uses a mix of ultra-low elasticity carbon and glass, and the butt section is reinforced with Quattro woven cloth. It not only achieves suction performance comparable to glass rods and is difficult to disassemble, but also achieves the cast feel, sensitivity, and operability that are unique to carbon rods. It has both lightness and tenacious power.
    ・Carbon & Glass (Main Shaft)
    The carbon material is a special ultra-low elasticity/high resin type with a modulus of elasticity of 10 tons, which is extremely close to the elastic modulus of glass.The glass material uses a mesh-like sheet that suppresses weight increase, which is the weak point of glass. .
  • ・Quattro woven cloth
    Quattro woven cloth has a higher lamination density and thicker weave than conventional quattro (4-axis) cloth. Strongly suppresses twisting and cracking of blanks.
  • ■ Guide system
    Emphasizing the balance between weight reduction and strength, we have adopted a SiC ring and titanium frame guide that is neither too large nor too small.

    However, the tip to belly guide is set one size (0.5) larger than the general bat to top guide size ratio. By increasing the freedom of the line within the guide, combined with the flexible blank, this setting allows the lure to swim without restricting its movement.
    ●Top: SiC ring/titanium frame guide
    ●Tip to belly (4 pieces): SiC ring/titanium frame reinforced single foot guide
    ●Berry to butt (4 pieces): SiC ring/titanium frame double foot guide
  • ■ Grip design (fore)
    A lightweight foregripless design that allows for sharp swings when casting. Designed to eliminate thread winding between the blank and the grip, allowing direct contact with the blank during palming.
  • ■ Grip design (reel seat)
    Emphasizing gripping performance, operability, and sensitivity, we have adopted a slender and lightweight blank-touch Fuji ECS reel seat.
  • ■ Grip design (center/rear)
    Separate type that supports casting from all directions and pursues operability and weight reduction. Both the center grip and rear grip are made of high-hardness EVA, achieving the excellent durability unique to EVA material and the direct feel of operation due to the hard material.

    The grip length is not too long and is easy to maneuver, giving it an advantage in accuracy casting and casting from all directions.
  • ■ Grip length

  • ■ Black design
    A black-based monochrome design that exudes both sharpness and solidity at the same time. The combination of black colors with different textures creates a sense of luxury in its simplicity.

  • ■Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan.

    Click here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for more information about our commitment to Made in Japan .
  • ■“National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
    Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. “Fishing Rod Fairness Mark” is printed.
Pro staff review

Toshifumi Kikumoto
The middle weight used with the Fire Sword is a shallow to middle diver crank of around 10g. Specifically, it will be around Wild Hunch and Combat Crank 60 , 120 , and 180 .
However, if you consider not only the lure weight but also the pull resistance, you can choose to take advantage of the Fire Sword’s ability. Not only does it have the resistance of a clutch hitter pulling on the subsurface , but it also matches the pull resistance of a combat crank 320 for deep ranges .
Therefore, even if the weight is heavy, shallow hogs and Zerg , which do not have very strong pulling resistance , are suitable. This is my favorite because it determines the accuracy cast during cover cranking.
The Fire Sword has an overall length of 6 feet 8 inches, but it has a shorter grip than the 6 feet 7 inch Cantata , giving it better maneuverability for a variety of casts into complex cover, and allowing you to use the rod’s effective length longer. , you can pull the lure tighter with the rod work and cover.

Takashi Kojima
This rod is easy to throw even with small, lightweight crankbaits or flat-sided cranks with strong air resistance because it bends firmly when taking back. Even with a small motion, the weight on the rod carries the lure, and compared to a glass rod, it is much lighter than a glass rod, so the strain on your body is significantly reduced, and you won’t get tired even if you keep casting all day long.
In addition to being lightweight, the length of 6 feet 8 inches makes it easy to correct the trajectory of the lure while casting. If it’s too heavy or too long, it’s difficult to move the rod quickly, and if it’s too short, the range of correction becomes narrower, but the Fire Sword is perfect in that regard.
Also, being able to bend the rod is important when fighting. Crankbaits can be easily caught depending on where the hook is hooked, but if the rod is bent properly during the fight, even if the bass runs upwards or towards you, the rod will absorb the movement and the line will not loosen. . That’s why I won’t find out.
It’s light, has a great casting feel, can be cast continuously, and doesn’t fall apart. That’s why you can catch fish. Fire Sword is such a rod.