Casting performance that is one step ahead. Enough torque to make it lightweight and delicate.
An attack-type bait finesse rod that combines the features of a lightweight versatile rod.


From the bait finesse of 1.3g smolaba + trailer to fishing with a 3/8oz spinnerbait… While demonstrating excellent adaptability to light weight lures in general, it has completed an aggressive bait finesse that controls everything at the angler’s will. Rod for, Djeru.

The ML action regular taper allows the rod to bend firmly when taking back even with lightweight rigs such as small lures and Neko rigs, which are difficult to carry the weight of the lure on when casting. In addition, the entire body from the tip to the butt is made of Torayka® T1100G, and is designed to maximize the sharp recovery force of the curved blank. When casting lightweight lures, there are great benefits to having the rod do the work for you.

For example, “Prevent backlash by placing the light and high resistance non-sinker wacky on the rod and throwing it effortlessly.” “Even when pitching small rubber, which tends to have a high trajectory, you can screw it into the pin spot with a low trajectory.” “You can use the space with an okappari.” You can imagine various other advantages depending on the situation that anglers face, such as “You can cast with small motions even in narrow situations.”

Next is lure operation, but when handling small lures or light rigs, it is essential to use line slack more skillfully than usual. This is because the lighter the rig, the greater the presence of the line will be felt by the fish. However, the lighter and smaller the rig, the more difficult it is to control the line slack, and you may end up pulling the lure too far towards you or, conversely, loosening the line too much. Also, if you create a large amount of line slack in an attempt to eliminate the presence of the line as much as possible, it will be difficult to feel the bite.

However, the difficulties in handling such small lures and light rigs are not expected for Djeru, which has linear maneuverability and sharp sensitivity unique to the lightweight and delicate tubular tip. The exquisite line slack that transmits the bite while eliminating the presence of the line can be controlled as intended with subtle rod operations. Of course, it also supports a variety of movements such as long shakes, short jerks, lifts and falls.

What’s more, by feeling even the small dead grass clinging to the lure, you can sense the signs of a hook, and while preventing the area from becoming rough and the lure being lost, you can also catch the signs of a root that can become a bite opportunity, and actively set it from the angler’s side. This makes it easier to get the bus to use its mouth.

In addition, the slender blank design makes it less susceptible to wind resistance even in strong winds, which can be said to be one of the advantages when casting and operating. As for power, although it is slender, it uses Trading Card® T1100G + woven cloth and a regular taper that does not have the habit of accumulating power throughout the blank, making it quite effective even when hooking at a long distance or fighting forcefully around cover. It has become.

Light and delicate, yet with sufficient torque, Djeru is an attack that attracts big fish by threading jigs and worms such as small rubber, no-sinker wacky, bait cat, and heavy dance into tight spots, delicately manipulating them, setting them intentionally, and attracting big fish. Not only does it have a type bait finesse style, but it also has the aspect of being a lightweight versatile that allows you to comfortably fly lightweight lures such as shad, flat side cranks, small cranks, shallow cranks, compact spinner baits, small pencil baits, poppers, etc. and hook them from a distance.

Situations where it is necessary to attack with lightweight lures are generally tough conditions, and the reality is that there are fish that can be caught and fish that cannot be caught depending on the performance of the tackle. “Will I be able to hit the spot I’m aiming for with a single cast without making a mistake, or will I lose the point…” “Will I be able to turn the snag into a bite opportunity, or will I lose the lure…” “Will you be able to stop the big fish from charging, or will it turn into a branch?” In modern bass fishing, where the value of each fish and the importance of each cast are increasing, the difference is endless. However, there is definitely a world that can be reached by acquiring Djeru.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Bait cat ●Small rubber jig ●Drop shot rig ●Light Texas rig ●Metal vibration ●Metal jig ●Top water ●Shallow crankbait ●Minnow/shad/jerkbait ●Spinnerbait etc…
  • ■ Blank
    “Toreca® T1100G” & “Nanoalloy® Technology”
    Carbon prepreg, which applies “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber “Toreca® T1100G”, is used in all layers from the tip to the bat. Regular taper with a smooth bend curve. Demonstrates tremendous resilience.・For more information on Trading Card® “T1100G” & Nanoalloy® technology, click here →
  • Quattro woven cloth
    The bat section uses Quattro woven cloth, which has a higher lamination density and thicker weave than conventional Quattro (4-axis) cloth. Strongly suppresses twisting and cracking of blanks.
  • ■ Guide system
    A setting that emphasizes the balance between lightweight and strength, using a SiC ring and titanium frame guide that is neither too large nor too small.

    ●Top: SiC ring/titanium frame guide

    ●Tip to belly (4 pieces): SiC ring/titanium frame reinforced single foot guide

    ●Berry butt (4 pieces): SiC ring/titanium frame double foot guide

  • ■ Grip design (fore)
    Foregripless design allows for lightweight and sharp operation. A design that eliminates thread winding between the blank and the grip, allowing for direct contact with the blank when palming.
  • ■ Grip design (reel seat)
    Emphasizing gripping performance, operability, and sensitivity, we have adopted a slender and lightweight blank-touch Fuji ECS reel seat.
  • ■ Grip design (center/rear)
    Separate type that supports casting from all directions and pursues operability and weight reduction.

    Both the center grip and rear grip are made of high-hardness EVA, achieving the excellent durability unique to EVA material and the direct feel of operation due to the hard material.

  • ■ Grip length

  • ■ Black design
    A black-based monochrome design that exudes both sharpness and solidity at the same time. The combination of black colors with different textures creates a sense of luxury in its simplicity.

  • ■Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Click here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for more information

    about our commitment to Made in Japan .

  • ■“National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
    Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. “Fishing Rod Fairness Mark” is printed.