Orion flagship model with heavy cover and large bass capacity.


Another dimension of lightness. Overwhelming power hidden within. A new type of impact heavy rod.
Orion Flagship, Stargazer. A 6 feet 9 inch heavy action model that incorporates the contradictory elements requested by jig manager Toshifumi Kikumoto. It has overwhelming power that will bring out big fish from the cover just by being patient, yet it is lightweight. In jig and worm fishing, which involves endless shooting and frequent use of vertical rod work, lightness is an advantage in reducing the angler’s fatigue and maintaining concentration. Especially when you consider that you’ll be shooting all day long with a heavy-powered rod. Stargazer is even lighter than

the Hercules 69H and 69HLTS . However, it is not just the numbers in the catalog (overall dead weight) that are lighter. We thoroughly pursue the “practical weight balance” that can be understood only after setting the reel and lure and actually going out into the field. The weight of the blank itself has been reduced in order to achieve a high overall balance with the lightweight foregripless and separate grip. What’s more, surprisingly, it also increases power at the same time.

Trading card T1100G + Quattro woven cloth regular taper. Slender and lightweight. However, the power to bend back is amazing. Moreover, there is extremely little twisting. Power and tenacity hidden within its lightness. In practical tests, I have often experienced that fish that I hooked deep inside the cover, which I could not catch unless I picked them up, came out just by being patient. Also, the feeling of stopping a big fish’s rush by using the entire rod is on another level. During a fight, it has such resilience that it feels smaller than the actual size of the fish, and many times I have had the first experience of thinking, “It’s huge!” after landing it.

Its amazing ability to bend and unbend also proves its superiority in casting. Converts bending into power, suppressing power loss due to twisting and firing sharply. The ability to carry the lure accurately over long distances with a long, low-trajectory cast is extremely advantageous for shallow cover fishing, which requires accuracy to pass through small gaps, and especially for long-distance pitching at a distance from the cover. It can be said to be an element.

In addition, even with light rigs that seem to be out of the range of heavy rods, the rod will flex according to the lure weight, so you can now cover not only full-size jigs but also 5g Texas rigs with this one rod. Of course, the lightweight rod itself also contributes to the ability to delicately handle light rigs.

Its delicacy also has the advantage of increasing sensitivity. Fishing with jigs and worms requires the use of line slack. Furthermore, when using cover, the line can interfere with branches and other objects, resulting in more slack than expected, but the ability to catch bites even in such conditions is a great advantage in cover fishing.

And, instead of half-doubting the hook, by being confident about the hit, you will be able to get a deep and reliable hook that penetrates the upper jaw of the bass. Since a steady movement of the bait is directly connected to the movement of pulling the fish out of the cover, the probability of catching a big fish that will get reeled in just by hesitating for just a moment increases.

In recent years, there have been more and more situations in the field where even complex cover cannot be eaten unless attacked with a light rig. However, you need the power to pull out big bass from heavy cover. The fact that it is light and delicate allows it to maximize its power. Here is the shape of the heavy rod that the times demand.

Demonstrates excellent performance in casting and ringing.
Furthermore, the Stargazer fully demonstrates its performance when casting deep jigs and worms. Since it has an absolute weight balance in actual use and is particularly good at vertical rod work, it is the best match for crisp and rhythmic operations such as football jigs. Accurately captures the feel of hard bottom. Set up a hang-off by climbing over each branch in the water. Apply reaction bite instantly. The sensitivity and hooking response for that purpose are also impressive.

The ultimate technique is Kikumoto’s traditional technique, hongaring. A frequent bite occurs when the jig jumps to the top and falls down. The rod position is in a high position where there is no sharpness beyond 12 o’clock and reaching 1 o’clock. Instantly sensing the strangeness of the situation, I used an extremely short stroke to shoot the hook into the upper jaw of the bass from a long distance, regardless of the depth of the water.

Is it the excitement of a big bass or the regret of a mistake? The big difference comes from a fine line of difference. And the role that rods play in filling that small difference is infinitely large. Lightness, operability, sensitivity, repulsive force, instantaneous force, torqueful power… all elements work together to make this rod a highly advanced technology. It’s also a stargazer.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Jig with guard ●Football jig ●Texas rig ●Heavy drop shot rig ●Swimming jig ●Heavy spinnerbait ●Metal jig ●Large top water etc…
  • ■ Blank
    “Toreca® T1100G” & “Nanoalloy® Technology”
    Carbon prepreg, which applies “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high-strength, high-modulus carbon fiber “Toreca® T1100G”, is used in all layers from the tip to the bat. Regular taper with a smooth bend curve. Demonstrates tremendous resilience.

    ・For more information on Trading Card® “T1100G” & Nanoalloy® technology, click here →

  • Quattro woven cloth
    The bat section uses Quattro woven cloth, which has a higher lamination density and thicker weave than conventional Quattro (4-axis) cloth. Strongly suppresses twisting and cracking of blanks.
  • ■ Guide system
    A setting that emphasizes the balance between lightweight and strength, using a SiC ring and titanium frame guide that is neither too large nor too small.

    ●Top: SiC ring/titanium frame guide

    ●Tip to belly (4 pieces): SiC ring/titanium frame reinforced single foot guide

    ●Berry butt (4 pieces): SiC ring/titanium frame double foot guide

  • ■ Grip design (fore) 
    Foregripless design allows for lightweight and sharp operation. A design that eliminates thread winding between the blank and the grip, allowing for direct contact with the blank when palming.
  • ■ Grip design (reel seat)
    Emphasizing gripping performance, operability, and sensitivity, we have adopted a slender and lightweight blank-touch Fuji ECS reel seat.
  • ■ Grip design (center/rear)
    Separate type that supports casting from all directions and pursues operability and weight reduction.

    Both the center grip and rear grip are made of high-hardness EVA, achieving the excellent durability unique to EVA material and the direct feel of operation due to the hard material.

  • ■ Grip length

  • ■Black design
    A black-based monochrome design that exudes both sharpness and solidity at the same time. The combination of black colors with different textures creates a sense of luxury in its simplicity.

  • ■Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Click here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for more information

    about our commitment to Made in Japan .

  • ■“National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
    Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. “Fishing Rod Fairness Mark” is printed.