Black Rose is a heavy hitter with a super-class power and torque that contradicts the lightness of swinging that is hard to imagine from the specifications of 71H + and its light operability.

In cover shooting, it is advantageous to slide the lure from below because it is less likely to be interfered by obstacles from hooking to landing, but there are bass that can not be caught unless you approach the lure through the cover or from the top of the cover. There are many situations in which I am. In order to pierce the cover where the big fish with a strong alertness lurks, such as the deepest part of the bush with such complicated branches, floating wood chips mixed with driftwood, heavy glass that stretches to fall on the surface of the water and algae.

Accurately insert rubber jigs, Texas rigs, leaderless down shots, etc. and invite them in detail. Even when the line interferes with the cover, you can clearly see the difference between the feeling that the sinker hits the branch and the feeling that the bass sucks the lure, and even with the line slack, shoot the hook into the hard jaw of the big bass. Then, it is instantly dragged onto the cover and rolled up to the landing.

Its ability is effective not only for heavy cover direct hits, but also for monster hunting with big lures. Manipulate the lure as intended, let the grumpy big bass open its mouth, and after hanging it, give no initiative to the opponent and make a violent rush and twist it down. Orion Black Rose, a rod that controls power games lightly and powerfully.