The ultimate in medium versatile rods, cantatas. The biggest attraction is the impressive cast performance. A low trajectory cast that uses the high-performance carbon material Trading Card® T1100G throughout the body to “bend flexibly and bounce powerfully”. It covers all medium-class lures, mainly windings such as spinner baits and braided jigs. do.
However, it is not enough to just throw various medium class lures. Even if the lure weight changes from 3 / 8oz to 1 / 2oz, the cast feel does not change. With outstanding stability created by the same feeling of use, it swings lightly in both forehand and backhand, and the cast performance of another dimension that accurately shoots the target spot is impressive.
If the cast is decided, the number of bytes will increase. However, even if the number of bytes increases, it is meaningless if you cannot put it on, hang it, or catch it. Field tests have proven the incredible high capture rates (especially for single hook hard baits such as spinner baits, buzz baits and braided jigs) that ensure that the bite is brought to landing.
In addition, the operability, sensitivity, and power when handling shots such as Light Texas and compact jigs are perfect with the Trading Card® T1100G that penetrates from the bat end to the tip and the quattro woven cloth reinforcement of the bat.
A cast feel of another dimension that leads to fishing results that exceed your own. There is no blind spot in shooting fishing while mastering winding fishing. The extremity of a 6’7 inch medium versatile rod, the Orion Cantata.