Castability, operability, sensitivity, power … The moongazer is a versatile rod that has an excellent balance of all of them and has the widest range of compatible lures and rigs in the Orion series.

Its high adaptability is especially effective for worm fishing including rigs, weights, and rubber jigs with a wide variety of fishing methods. Texas rigs, free rigs, no sinker rigs, down shot rigs, leaderless down shot rigs, cat rigs, Carolina rigs and more. Worms are claw type, from high specific gravity back slide to 5 inch shad tail, 12 inch long worm, weight is a combination of sinkers from no sinker to 1 / 2oz (14 g), cover shooting, bottom fishing, middle layer fishing, rod This is the best one to cover all kinds of worm fishing that continues to be subdivided year by year, such as fishing that makes you act with a reel, fishing that makes you swim with a reel, and so on.

In addition to the MH regular taper, which is set in the middle of the versatile, the length of 6 feet 9 inches creates an even wider range of support.

Shoot the rig into the pin spot as far away from the cover as possible and drag the big bass out. Send a lure to the opposite bank with a long cast and decide hooking at a long distance. In addition, there are many situations where a long rod length is advantageous due to warming, such as the action of feeding a rod with a Texas rig swimming bite or a rig that requires a leader such as a heavy Carolina rig. Moreover, it has a “feather-light feeling” that does not make you feel the length of 69 at all, and you can perform all movements all day long with ultra-high accuracy and stress-free concentration.

And, the shaft composed of Trading Card ® T1100G + Woven 4 axes brings “It is easy to throw, but it is crispy and easy to operate, it has good sensitivity” “It has a great power to return to bending, so it has the power to float fish” A mysterious feeling. By combining the contradictory elements required for each operation of casting, operation, sensing, hooking and fighting at an ultra-high dimension, the versatility is further enhanced.

As a result, spinner bait, buzz bait, top water plug, big wake bait, S-shaped big bait, metal vibration, jigging spoon and other rolls and operation hard bait games are covered at a high level. In addition to following high-level hard batting with casting accuracy, long-distance casting performance, and smooth entry of tips to berries, the sensitivity as a warming rod makes it easier to grasp the vibration of the lure and its changes, so the winding speed It is also an advantage that it is easy to perform the operation of the gimmick at the timing of adjustment and timing.

Feather-like lightness that does not make you feel the long length of 6 feet 9 inches. The power to bend back with the tremendous power hidden in its lightness. The feeling in my hand is sharpness and suppleness that responds to the load while having a firm tension and sensitivity. This mysterious feeling is the proof that the ideal of the bass rod, which is a mass of contradiction, is embodied. Moongazer, one of the most versatile and versatile in the Orion series.