Stiffness and strength that contradict the phenomenal lightweight balance that can be swung with one hand.
A heavyweight versatile tile that can be raised and lowered.

Super Stallion GT

Super Stallion GT is a super Stallion that has been reborn with lightweight and toughness specifications by adopting the Toreca® T1100G, an innovative material once in 20 years, with high strength and high modulus carbon. In addition to hard use on the land, as an enhanced model of the Inspire Super Stallion that inherited the bloodline as a tournament weapon, it exhibits amazing heavyweight versatile.

For the blanks, TORAYCA® T1100G is mainly used, and 40 tons of ultra-high elastic carbon is partly reinforced, and the whole body is reinforced with 45 and 30 degree kaleido super quattrocross, so the overall weight is almost the same as the conventional model. Achieved a tenacity of over 15% without changing, and gained overwhelming power and amazing operability.

The guide structure is also characteristic, with a double foot type with a titanium frame and a torusite ring for the tip to belly section, and a double foot type with a stainless frame and SiC ring for the butt section. In addition to toughness, the vertical direction that handles the tip direction lightly has been set with an emphasis on versatility, with the purpose of use in mind.

In addition, the weight distribution is optimized in combination with EVA’s straight double handgrip that creates a comfortable balance of the center of gravity, realizing an overwhelming lightness compared to previous Super Stallions. EVA’s straight double hand grip is also an option to improve rigidity and suppress aging degradation. In addition, the high taper rod with thick hand has high megaphone effect to amplify sensitivity originally, but the straight double hand grip has the function to further amplify it.

The power to float monsters with ease, the unparalleled operability that is important when dealing with difficult big buses, and the light weight that can swing out heavyweight lures all day long. The ideal form of high power rod that can be handled delicately has evolved dramatically. The Super Stallion GT is a heavyweight versatile, regardless of the upper stage, with an amazing ultra-light balance that can be swung away with one hand and conflicting rigidity and strength.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Swimbait / Big Bait / Deep Crankbait / Heavy Spinner Bait / Braided Jig / Jig with Guard / Football Jig / Texas Rig / Heavy Carolina Rig etc…

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  • blank
    Hybrid and high taper design of 33 ton carbon (approx. 92%) and 40 ton high elasticity carbon applying “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high strength and high modulus carbon fiber “Treca®“ T1100G ”” . Not only is it strong and powerful, it also has light, sharp, high sensitivity and outstanding operability.
  • In addition, the whole body is reinforced with Super Quattro cloth (4-axis seat). For the part from the top to the bottom of the former guide, a ± 45 ° manufacturing method that effectively suppresses twisting by avoiding unnecessary weight increase, and for the bat part ± 30 °, which has higher density of diagonal reinforcement and exerts greater power Hybrid full wrapping specification using manufacturing method.
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    ② [Video] “trading cards ®” T1100G ”] 180 ° pull-in strength test

  • Guide system
    All double foot guide specification that doubles the area of ​​the guide foot and thread, strengthens bending and twisting, and improves toughness and rigidity.

    Furthermore, rather than the popular micro and semi-micro guides, thicker lines and slack lines can be handled more appropriately by using guide settings with a larger aperture.

    In addition, with a focus on weight balance, a titanium frame and torzeite ring are set for the No. 5 guide from the top, and a stainless frame and SiC ring are set for the original guide from No. 6. Delivers delicate operability in vertical judgment.

  • Fore grip
    Foregrip-less with nuts using high-sensitivity 4-axis carbon and a simple design and lightweight winding check.
  • Reel seat design
    The reel seat uses a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel sheet that is easy to grasp and has a blank touch method that emphasizes sensitivity.
  • Grip design
    EVA straight double hand specification that produces not only cost performance but also rigidity and excellent weight balance.

    EVA has a gentle kickback to the wrist when casting, and it has the characteristics that it will not fade or crack even after long-term use.

    The straight double handgrip also has a function of amplifying sensitivity.