A new Super Stallion GT, a true super middleweight versatile with the best performance of “throw”, “wind” and “carry”.

Stallion GT

Texas rigs, rubber jigs, spinner baits, braided jigs, crank baits, crawler baits, big pencils, various swim baits, long worms, etc. have become common sense in regular rotation, and the average weight of lures used has increased. Fishing scene. The concept of Versatile has changed as the field situation has changed. The “true versatile rod” that corresponds to the fields in various parts of the country can be said to be “super middle class” that combines the operability to handle the entire medium area comfortably with the adaptability to flexible light heavy.

Among them, Stallion, who has reigned over the years as a versatile model for heavy-weight lures, is equipped with state-of-the-art trading card high-strength and high-modulus carbon “Treca® T1100G” armored & unique fighting guide setting “throw” “roll” “mount” It was reborn as the Inspire Stallion GT with the highest level of performance to “run through”.

The slender low-taper but thick Stallion GT blanks are exactly the same as the Inspire Stallion RS developed as the top tournament main rod . High elasticity “Torayca® T1100G” The blending ratio of 33% carbon to 70% and medium elasticity 24 ton carbon to 30% hybrid is the same as that of Inspire Cobra GT, a brother machine of Versatile model. The ultra-high torque and stickiness of low-tapered thick blanks are combined with the high performance blanks that combine the unique characteristics of TORAYCA® T1100G, such as lightness, sharpness, and toughness.

The guide has a titanium frame / torzite ring on the tip side and a stainless steel frame / SiC ring on the butt side with an all-double foot to ensure the guide inner diameter and rod weight balance. The increased guide inner diameter increases the freedom of line vibration transmitted from the lure, even with thick baits that are hard bait and frequently used, and makes the slack line easier to use and at the same time improves the sensitivity of actual battles. We were particular about practical guide setting that did not kill the vibration & movement performance of the line even when the water was always on the line.

In addition, the total number of guides is limited to the minimum number of blanks used, and the blanks themselves are arranged to bend better and bend. Furthermore, by using an all-double foot, the sharp initial elastic force of the high-performance, highly elastic material “Torayca® T1100G” was intentionally moderated moderately. This is why the Stallion GT feels like a rod that is easy to handle and has a gentle character.

However, on the other hand, the limit elastic force and toughness near the red zone are unprecedented, and it is a guide setting that can feel the most powerful and rigid individuality unique to “ Torayca® T1100G ”, in other words it is “ Torayca® T1100G ” It can be said that it is a possible setting. This guide setting that improves and effectively distributes a huge amount of torque power across the blanks reduces inconsistencies in infights such as triple hook lure short-distance battles and frequent hooks and shortages, The ability to float without excessive rampage in the game against the big bus is also high, which contributes to shortening the fight time.

For the grip, aging durability is emphasized and a simple EVA is selected. In addition, it has excellent grip rigidity and flexibility in grip width, and it is a straight double hand specification that has a sensitivity amplification effect especially with scrolls. It is a weight distribution with an emphasis on practicality that is easy to adapt to reels of various weights and shapes without a sense of incongruity.

Casting precision and long, including large pencil baits, crawler baits, spinner baits, braided jigs, medium swim baits, soft swim baits, high specific gravity no sinkers, cranking minnows, middle range crank baits, vibrations, frogs, Texas rigs, football jigs and large long worms Ideal for difficult situations where cast power, continuous cast endurance, and high hooking performance are required at the same time. The same blanks as Stallion RS, but evolved in a completely different direction, demonstrating overwhelming individuality in “throwing”, “winding” and “carrying”. Cast accuracy and high hooking-landing rod, Super Middleweight Versatile, Stallion GT that Katsutaka Imae has absolutely trusted so that it can be used as the main rod that is the core of the strategy in the top tournament production.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Medium-sized big bait, swim bait, S-shaped / Shallow to middle crankbait / Vibration / Spinnerbait / Braided jig / Guarded jig / Football jig / Texas rig / Heavy Carolina rig etc…

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  • blank
    Lightweight due to a hybrid structure of 33 tons carbon (approx. 70%) and medium elasticity 24 tons carbon (approx. 30%) applying “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayca®“ T1100G ”” A grand mix of stickiness to sensitivity, sharpness and strength. In order to generate power by bending the entire blank, the thin low taper blank is designed to be thick without using the 4-axis manufacturing method.
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    ② [Video] “trading cards ®” T1100G ”] 180 ° pull-in strength test

  • Guide system
    Instead of the popular micro and semi-micro guides, a double foot guide with a larger caliber is used for all guides. A setting to create a more blank bend by taking advantage of the ease of line omission and the weight of the guide itself.

    Titanium frame / torzite ring is used for the No. 5 guide from the top, and the sharpness, lightness, and sensitivity of swinging are adopted. Emphasis on rigidity.

    Compared to a single foot guide, the thread that holds the guide foot increases, creating a smooth texture. Furthermore, by arranging the original guide in a direction ahead of the normal balance, a strong swing torque is generated without disturbing the bending of the butt section.

  • Fore grip
    Foregrip-less with nuts using high-sensitivity 4-axis carbon and a simple design and lightweight winding check.
  • Reel seat design
    The reel seat is a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel seat with a blank touch method that emphasizes ease of grip and sensitivity.
  • Grip design
    EVA straight semi-double hand specification that not only provides cost performance but also gives a sense of rigidity and has an excellent weight balance. EVA has a gentle kickback to the wrist when casting, and it has the characteristics that it will not fade or crack even after long-term use.