Stallion RS

  • concept

Wide-area adaptability that is not ashamed of the name of Super Middleweight, sharpened “shoot,” “maneuver,” and “hang” abilities.

Stallion RS

Texas rigs, rubber jigs, spinner baits, braided jigs, crank baits, crawler baits, big pencils, various swim baits, long worms, etc. have become common sense in regular rotation, and the average weight of lures used has increased. Fishing scene. The concept of Versatile has changed as the field situation has changed. The “true versatile rod” that corresponds to the fields in various parts of the country can be said to be “super middle class” that combines the operability to handle the entire medium area comfortably with the adaptability to flexible light heavy.

Among them, Stallion, which has reigned for many years as a versatile model for heavy-weight lures, is armed with the latest trading card high-strength and high-modulus carbon “Treca® T1100G” and the latest lightweight parts, and it has the rare versatile performance. The base was reborn as Inspire Stallion RS Limited with further advantages in “shoot”, “maneuver” and “hang”.

The thin, low-taper but thick Stallion RS Limited blanks are Katsutaka Imae’s private machine that has been developed to become the main force of the top tournament. High elasticity TORAYCA® T1100G The blend of 70% 33 ton carbon and 30% medium elastic 24 ton carbon is the golden ratio of low taper / versatile model. High performance blanks that have been sharpened just to leave results in the game, combining the extremely high torque and stickiness of low taper thick blanks with the contradicting characteristics of TORAYCA® T1100G that are unique in lightness, sharpness, and toughness It is finished.

Swim baits, crawler baits, spinner baits, braided jigs, big pencil baits, middle cranks and other “ throwing ” and “ winding ” systems are compatible with high dimensions, but rubber jigs, Texas rigs, football jigs, metal jigs, metal spins, Stallion RS Limited, which has expanded its functions to power bait finesse anti-cover performance, positive operability of the bottom lure, and active emphasis, so-called “shooting things” and “hanging things”.

For this purpose, the latest lightweight titanium frame / torzite ring guide is used for all guides. In addition, the guide size is smaller than Stallion GT, and Stallion RS Limited has a total of 11 tips, single on the tip side and double foot on the bat side, compared to nine all double feet on Stallion GT. This is a setting that reduces the total weight while ensuring a necessary and sufficient inner diameter with an all-torzite ring, which contributes not only to horizontal handling but also to improved operability and bottom sensing ability in vertical handling.

In addition to increasing the number of guides and increasing the number of guides, the belly to tip guides 1 to 7 are equipped with semi-micro single foot guides that are short enough to suppress blank blurring and twisting. It also fully supports hooking in the vertical direction, specifically short stroke hooking from 11-12 o’clock. A setting that eliminates any play that combines delicate operation and sharp sensitivity with light weight and high balance, as well as the instantaneous power to prevent power loss during hooking. It can be said that this is the ultimate guide setting that does not kill the initial elastic force of the high-performance, high-elasticity material “Torayca® T1100G” and swings it in the direction of sharpening.

The grip uses AAA champagne cork separate grip that demonstrates the sensitivity amplification effect, pursuing practical sensitivity and thorough weight reduction. Even when combined with the lightest high-performance reel, there is no feeling of weight or discomfort, and a perfect weight distribution that can swing through in any manner such as forehand, backhand, overhead, side, under, and pitching is achieved.

While covering all the elements necessary for tactics that require not only long cast power but also continuous cast endurance, such as large pencil bait, crawler bait, spinner bait, bladed jig, crank bait, swim bait, etc., shoot the Texas rig into the pin spot, Stallion RS Limited, which covers fishing that requires the ability to handle football jigs at the bottom, as well as instant hanging. Stallion RS Limited, which is tough and delicate, has high sensitivity, has excellent operability due to its light weight, and excels at the last tournament due to its high agility. Super middleweight versatile that sharpens the ability to “shoot”, “manipulate”, and “hang” is here.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Medium-sized big bait, swim bait, S-shaped / Shallow to middle crankbait / Vibration / Spinnerbait / Braided jig / Guarded jig / Football jig / Texas rig / Heavy Carolina rig etc…

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Lightweight due to a hybrid structure of 33 tons carbon (approx. 70%) and medium elasticity 24 tons carbon (approx. 30%) applying “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayca®“ T1100G ”” A grand mix of stickiness to sensitivity, sharpness and strength. In order to generate power by bending the entire blank, the thin low taper blank is designed to be thick without using the 4-axis manufacturing method.

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  • Guide system
    Torzeite ring / titanium frame / single foot on tip, Torzeite ring / titanium frame / strengthened single foot on belly, and tolzeite ring / titanium frame / double foot on bat Semi-micro setting guide.

    While reducing the guide diameter and reducing the weight, the minimum inner diameter is secured by enlarging the inner diameter with a torzeite ring. At the same time, by reducing the guide diameter by reducing the diameter and increasing the number of guides up to 11 and increasing the number of points, the twisting of blanks is suppressed.

    Enhanced functionality to “shooting things” and “hanging things” with improved operability, lighter weight for higher sensitivity and higher torque to prevent blank loss and prevent power loss.

  • Fore grip
    Eliminating the fore grip and realizing further weight reduction. In addition to the winding check of the sharp design, the minimum 4-axis carbon sleeve nut greatly contributes to weight reduction and high sensitivity.
  • Reel seat design
    The reel seat is a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel seat with a blank touch method that emphasizes ease of grip and sensitivity.

    The RS Limited series is given a black mica color to create the texture of the finest model.

  • Sign
    The signature included only in the RS Limited series is a special specification (limited version) that Katsutaka Imae has set for use in the tournament.
  • Grip design
    Separate grip specifications that emphasize operability and weight reduction. The RS limited series uses AAA champagne cork, which is hard and contains a lot of air, as the most important center grip material that touches the hand, and is designed to thoroughly reduce weight and improve sensitivity transmission.

    The grip end is fitted with an original end plate with a kaleidoscope motif.