Cobra GT

  • concept

The rigidity and sensitivity of Versatile’s extreme “Cobra” are greatly improved.
Supports hard use on land with lightness and toughness.

Cobra GT

The representative model “Cobra”, a thick low taper versatile rod with a beautiful bend curve that has no habit and an overwhelmingly wide lure weight ratio, has been added to the GT series for tough use on land.

Blanks is exactly the same as Inspire Cobra RS Limited developed for use in tournaments, and it is a hybrid structure with Torayca® T1100G, a high-strength and high-modulus carbon, and 24-ton carbon that produces a whip-like bend In addition, a high performance type that combines sharpness, stickiness, lightness and toughness is adopted.

From the tip to the berry, the same as Cobra RS, the sharpness and lightness of swing, the double frame type guide with a torzeite ring that emphasizes sensitivity, the stainless steel frame that considers toughness and weight balance in the bat section, SiC Employs a ring and double foot type guide to emphasize further rigidity. Supports a hard landed angler who overuses one tackle.

For the grip, EVA is selected to prioritize aging durability. In addition, it is a straight semi-double hand type that excels in “rigidity” and has a sensitivity amplification effect especially with scrolls. It is a weight distribution with an emphasis on practical performance that makes it easy to get familiar with reels of various weights and shapes. A characteristic of the Cobra GT is that it achieves the same lightweight feeling as the Cobra RS without an end balancer.

Covers bladed jigs, spinner baits, crank baits, top water, medium crawler baits, single hand spot shoots such as shad tail no sinkers and light Texas swimming to double hand long casts. Inspire Cobra GT, a middle class versatile that combines the top performance of the latest high-end blanks with the luxurious use of TORAYCA® T1100G with highly durable parts.

In addition to tough landings that challenge unknown waters by rowing, boat fishing that tends to be handled messy on the deck, tournaments with extreme tension can prevent troubles and demonstrate their true value. Experience the best performance at the best cost performance, the Inspire Cobra GT.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Shallow to Middle Crankbait / Vibration / Minnow Shad Jerkbait / Topwater / Spinnerbait Buzzbait / Braided Jig / High specific gravity worm no sinker / Texas rig etc … Click here for Inspire

RS & GT development story

  • blank
    Lightweight due to a hybrid structure of 33 tons carbon (approx. 70%) and medium elasticity 24 tons carbon (approx. 30%) applying “Nanoalloy® technology” to the high-strength and high-modulus carbon fiber “Torayca®“ T1100G ”” A grand mix of stickiness to sensitivity, sharpness and strength. In order to generate power by bending the entire blank, the thin low taper blank is designed to be thick without using the 4-axis manufacturing method.
  • ▼ “trading cards ®” T1100G “” more If you want to know more information about the① ground Cobra product development concept – the concept – overturn the stereotypes that have been embodied by a time of epoch-making material in 20 years

    ② [Video] “trading cards ®” T1100G ”] 180 ° pull-in strength test 

  • Guide system
    Instead of the popular micro and semi-micro guides, a double foot guide with a larger caliber is used for all guides. A setting to create a more blank bend by taking advantage of the ease of line omission and the weight of the guide itself.

    Titanium frame / torzite ring is used for the No. 5 guide from the top, and the sharpness, lightness, and sensitivity of swinging are adopted. Emphasis on rigidity.

    Compared to a single foot guide, the thread that holds the guide foot increases, creating a smooth texture. Furthermore, by arranging the original guide in a direction ahead of the normal balance, a strong swing torque is generated without disturbing the bending of the butt section.

  • Fore grip
    Foregrip-less with nuts using high-sensitivity 4-axis carbon and a simple design and lightweight winding check.
  • Reel seat design
    The reel seat is a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel seat with a blank touch method that emphasizes ease of grip and sensitivity.
  • Grip design
    EVA straight semi-double hand specification that not only provides cost performance but also gives a sense of rigidity and has an excellent weight balance. EVA has a gentle kickback to the wrist when casting, and it has the characteristics that it will not fade or crack even after long-term use.