The ultimate cast feel.
A matchless light weight sports with glass stickiness and carbon sharpness.

Super Steed GT-R

There are many elements that can be solved with cutting-edge materials such as TORAYCA® T1100G for hanging rods, but for flexible rods, the blanks structure is important in addition to the material … Appropriate material selection and the latest blanks construction design technology & evolution Inspire Super Steed GT-R was born from manufacturing technology, Katsutaka Imae’s theory and six years of field testing.

Immediately after changing the rod, the ability to cast a light lure such as a shad with a backhand as expected, and also to improve the landing ratio in various situations assumed in actual battle, both stickiness and sharpness It is a rod. The blanks are made with a high resin type carbon sheet and designed to have a low taper, creating a supple consistency despite the carbon rods.

However, there is an element in the supple rod that will upset the cast accuracy without knowing it. That is actually the spine (uneven thickness = spine) that occurs during the manufacturing process of rod blanks. If the spine gets in the way when casting, the blanks will twist abruptly, preventing smoothness and returning. This causes a shift in the summing timing, resulting in frequent slices and hooks.

In order to suppress the spine thoroughly, we employ a very time-consuming craftsman’s manufacturing method, in which rare ultra-thin carbon sheet materials that are not normally used for fishing rods are wrapped in multiple layers. The ultimate blanks were created that bend evenly in all directions and do not feel like being caught at all.

In order not to disturb the bend, the tip-berry section is equipped with a reinforced single foot type torzeite ring guide with a titanium frame. On the other hand, the butt section uses a stainless frame, double foot, and SiC ring guide to prevent the bat from bending due to its low taper. It is a setting that turns flexibly but doesn’t feel power shortage.

Furthermore, the freedom degree of a wrist increases, the lightweight separate grip which does not get in the way of a wrist, an arm, and a sleeve by casting from all angles and postures for a forehand and a backhand.

It has the ultimate accuracy to cast a 5 to 10g shad straight without shaking, and exhibits a tremendous straight trajectory in backhand and roll casting. Both bat power, which allows you to embed the treble hook deeply into the mouth of the bus even with long casts, and the suppleness that prevents playing close-up bytes.

Furthermore, because there are few kickbacks to the wrist and shoulders even if the cast is continued all day, the super-fighting specification that can maintain the amazing accuracy even in the latter half of the fishing trip was fed back from a long-term field test Inevitable performance.

One of the light weight sports that has the lightness and sharpness unique to carbon rods, yet has the flexibility and followability of glass rods. The ultimate cast performance that can be understood with only one backhand throw. Safe landing ability even with a small treble hook on the shad. Super Steed GT-R.

<Compatible lure & rig>
Minnow Shad / Small Crankbait / Small Spinnerbait / Heavy Drop Shot Rig / High specific gravity worm no sinker etc …


High resin carbon x low taper. It has both “flexibility” and “stickiness” that cannot be thought of as a carbon rod, and “crisp” and “moderate tension” not found in glass rods.

An ultra-thin carbon prepreg that is about 1/3 the thickness of a carbon prepreg (carbon sheet) used for general fishing rods, and the special sheet is wrapped around three times as many times as a normal sheet. Construction. By making the thickness of the blank cross section uniform, it is possible to use 100% of blanks’ potential.

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Super Steed GT-R development story

Guide system
■ Tip-Berry Section (
Top- # 5 Guide) A lightweight titanium frame reinforced single foot type torzeit ring guide that does not disturb the supple bend curve of the blanks that suppresses the spine to the limit and also has the strength of the actual battle.■ But section (#
6-9 guide) Stainless frame, double foot, SiC ring guide that maintains the optimum bat power by suppressing the bending of the bat due to low taper blanks by increasing the rigidity of the guide foot.

Grip design (fore)
Lightweight and highly sensitive by combining reel seat nut with high sensitivity 4-axis carbon and simple design winding check with metal parts in part. Fore gripless design featuring a sharp sense of operation.

Grip design (reel seat)
The reel seat uses a thin and lightweight Fuji ECS reel sheet that is easy to grasp and has a blank touch method that emphasizes sensitivity.

Thorough black polish coloring.

The signature that goes into GT-R is proof that Katsutaka Imae is a special specification with settings for use in the tournament.

Grip design (center to rear)
Separate grip specifications that increase the degree of freedom of the wrist, and can be cast from any position in the forehand and backhand.

AAA champagne cork with high hardness and air content is used for the most important center grip material that touches the hand. Thorough weight reduction and improved sensitivity transmission.

The rear grip uses EVA material for durability and balance of the center of gravity.

The grip end is fitted with an original end plate with a kaleidoscope motif.
Super Steed GT-R development story

① In search of ultimate cast feel and perfect landing performance ▶ Exposed supple rod problems, presence of

rod structure taboos and spines ② Super crossfire manufacturing method to challenge rod structure taboos, here is the potential of blanks ▶ In order to bring out 100% of the ability

③ The feelings put in the “GT-R” ▶ Unique setting to take advantage of the ultimate blanks performance