Long length and perfect spineless even on land. Add-on long-distance casting power to straight-line stability of casting.


The Cougar Elite 7GT, which is what land anglers wanted most, combines high accuracy performance that allows you to attack the edge of cover, and long-distance casting ability that allows you to aim for breaks in the bushes on the opposite shore or offshore. The same perfect spineless blanks as

the Cougar Elite 7RS are used, and the guide setting is designed for thick lines and hard use on land, with 5 stainless steel frame double foot guides that have a larger guide inner diameter than the RS. In addition, in order to achieve a firm pull grip, a straight EVA grip is installed, which is 1 inch longer than the RS, making it 7 feet 1 inch. As a result, the Cougar Elite 7GT has been reborn as a versatile rod that emphasizes long-distance casting and is advantageous on land with limited footing or in vast fields.

The long-length grip allows for long-distance casting, and whether you take advantage of it or not depends on the performance of the blanks. The Perfect Spineless Blanks inherited from the RS are extremely effective even for long distance casting.

Blanks that do not shake can transfer the energy of its bending back to the lure without escaping, giving the lure sufficient initial speed and converting it to an overwhelming flight distance. In addition, the lure that is fed out in a spineless trajectory with no stagnation has a stable posture, so it can travel straight like an arrow without wobbling until it reaches the pin spot far ahead. Even if there is only a slight deviation in the trajectory at release, the farther the spot is, the greater the difference becomes.Understand the advantages of a spineless long rod that go beyond simply throwing a long rod. It would be easy.

And hooking. In addition to the ability to handle line slack, which is unique to long rods, the blanks do not sneeze the moment they become hot, so you can reliably score with one shot even at long distances. At that time, the grip that has been increased in size with the GT version plays the role of firmly supporting powerful hooking movements. This is because it also has the added advantage of making it easier to hold the rod with your body. As a result, the stability of casting heavier lures and retrieving lures with strong resistance is improved.

Add-on long-distance casting power to straight-line stability when casting. With the evolution from the original Kaleido Super Cougar to the Inspirale Cougar Elite 7 , it is the same Perfect Spineless as the RS, with the added ability to handle especially light rigs, not only for rolling and mounting systems, but also for operating and hooking systems.・Blanks. Guide setting that allows for tough handling with thick lines. And an inch-up grip that makes it easy to apply force. A 7-foot ultra-versatile model that exquisitely blends each claim and invites land anglers to the next stage.

Most of the lures and rigs that occupy land anglers’ bags, from bladed jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, swimbaits, shad, rubber jigs, various worm rigs, wild finesse, and even poppers to large topwater plugs, with ultra-high precision. Delicate yet bold…the cougar’s fangs are sharp as it lands on the ground.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
●Spinnerbait/Buzzbait ●Bladed jig ●Swimming jig ●Medium weight swimbait ●Shallow to middle crankbait ●Vibration/Metal vibration ●Texas rig/Light Texas rig ●Free rig ●Bait cat ●Heavy drop shot rig ●No sinker/ Nail rig ●Small rubber jig ●Jig with guard ●Football jig etc…


  • ■ Blank
    ❶ Main shaft (butt to tip): Medium elasticity 24 tons
    ❷ Bat-Berry: “Torayka®T1100G” & “Nanoalloy® Technology”
    ❸ Bat to center: High elasticity 40 tons
    ❹ Bat to original guide: ±30° Kaleido Super Quattro (4 axis) cross
    ❺ Original guide to tip: ±45° Kaleido Super Quattro (4 axis) cross
    ❶❷❸: Ultra-multilayered blanks made using the SXF Super Cross Fire manufacturing method, which makes the wall thickness of the cross section of the blanks uniform. Based on the main shaft of medium-elastic 24-ton carbon that creates a flexible and sticky feeling, the belly to butt part is made of high-strength, high-elastic carbon “Traca T1100G” that reinforces strength and tenacity without losing weight. The bat part is wrapped with 40 tons of ultra-high elasticity carbon that enhances sharp repulsion and high sensitivity.
    ❹❺: From the top to the original guide part is a lightweight, ultra-thin type ±45° super crotro (4-axis) cross, and from the original guide to the lower butt part is a ±30° super cross with high density diagonal reinforcement and greater power. Adopts Kurotoro (4 axis) cross. Hybrid full-wrapping specification that achieves excellent torsion resistance and lightweight center of gravity and tip section.
    * “Torayka®” and “Nanoalloy® Technology” are registered trademarks of Toray Industries, Inc.
    ▼For more information on blanks▼
    Cougar Elite 7 development story
  • ■ Guide system
    ●Tip to belly (6 pieces)
    Semi-micro setting with titanium frame and single foot guide (Torzite ring). While pursuing lightness that can be swung with one hand, sharp operability, and high sensitivity, a Torzite ring with a wide inner diameter is used to give the line an appropriate amount of play, creating a unique feel that is both sharp and mild. Setting to create a ring.

    ●Berry ~ Butt (5 pieces)
    Set with a stainless steel double foot frame guide (SiC ring) that emphasizes rigidity that can withstand hard use. By adopting a ring diameter that is 0.5 to 1 point larger than the RS, it is possible to handle thicker lines without stress.
  • ■ Grip design (fore)
    The combination of a reel seat nut that uses highly sensitive 4-axis carbon and a simple metal winding check makes it lightweight and highly sensitive. Foregripless design with a sharp feel of operation.
  • ■ Grip design (reel seat)
    The reel seat uses a Fuji ECS reel seat that is slender, lightweight, easy to grip, and uses a blank touch method that emphasizes sensitivity above all else.

    Among these, by selecting the largest grip inner diameter size (ECS17), you can bring out the characteristics of the high taper even more, supporting the center of gravity at hand and strengthening the grip rigidity.
  • * Regarding the color change of the reel seat hood,
    the B color (black finish) has been discontinued, so it will be gradually changed to the IC color (IP shiny gray finish). Also, there is no functional difference depending on the color.
  • ■ Grip design
    EVA straight double hand specification that not only provides cost performance but also a sense of rigidity and excellent weight balance.

    EVA also has the characteristics of a gentle kickback to the wrist when casting, and is resistant to thinning or cracking even after long-term use.
    The straight double hand grip also has the function of amplifying sensitivity.
  • ■ Grip length

    The same spineless blank as the Cougar Elite 7RS is equipped with an EVA straight tapered grip that is longer than the RS, making it 7 feet 1 inch long.
  • ■Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Click here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for more information

    about our commitment to Made in Japan .

  • ■ “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified product
    Certificate of compliance with the contents and conditions of the National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council based on the provisions of the Fair Competition Code for Labeling of Fishing Rods, which has been certified by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. affixed the “Fishing Rod Fairness Mark”.