EG swimming

  • concept

Swimming style specialized rod EG swimming born from Lake Biwa.

EG swimming

“EG” perfectly supports a variety of swimming styles, such as a swimming rubber jig that sets a shadow tail on a football jig that became a classic in Lake Biwa and swims the middle class, and a swimming Texas that passes a Texas rig in a weed that is difficult to pass in Spinnerbait Swimming ”.

This swimming fishing and athletic feeling is felt, but it is characterized by being slipped out at the moment when it is put together, being exhaled after a short interval, and timing is very difficult. Therefore, there was a big difference between anglers and rods. The bus is sent in a natural state so that the lure is not released after the bite is felt, and the sweeping hooking after the weight gets on is naturally not easy with the substitute rod.

This is the concept of EG swimming so that anyone can easily perform this series of operations. The tip section is designed to be long enough to allow the strokes to be inserted in order to send the lure to the back of the bite’s momentary mouth and to ensure that the bus does not feel uncomfortable. Next, sweeping hooking after feeling the weight. At this time, the belly section is designed to catch firmly according to the force, and can be brought into the hooking firmly. A flowing rod action that bends neatly from the moment of a bite and can be brought into hooking without being conscious. Smooth and easy, perfect for fishing fishing.

The compatibility with deep cranks and spinner baits is also excellent, so it is definitely recommended if you want to combine it with a swimming style. A must-have item for Lake Biwa Angler.

  • Blanks
    Low resin pure carbon is used as the main material. By increasing the butt diameter and increasing the taper in the tip direction and making the carbon sheet thinner, it achieves overwhelming strength and light weight at the same time. In addition, the bat part is reinforced with a Hercules cloth manufacturing method that adds carbon fiber in 2 vertical and 2 horizontal directions, and 4 diagonal directions. Blanks with uniform strength in all directions are completed by adding torsional rigidity that is obliquely crossed to vertical bending rigidity and horizontal compression rigidity. The return speed is fast, and at the same time, it is easy to swing through, can be cast from all directions, increase accuracy, improve flight distance, hooking response, and improve operability and sensitivity by weight reduction. It was.
  • Thread design
    In Hercules Casting series, thread color is set for each rod. Tricolor collar threads are used for EG swimming.
  • Guide system
    Adopted Fuji stainless frame SiC ring guide.
  • # 1-3 guide single foot
    In order to give the tip flexibility and naturally feed the lure, the # 1-3 guides are equipped with a single foot. 
  • Reel seat design
    “The shape follows the function”. Original reel seat, EG Super Bus Seat Slim, developed by Evergreen, a tacticalist. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. The slim body of the original shape enhances casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming to reduce hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly with your little finger. Equipped with Hercules original reel seat emblem on a delicate black polish paint.
  • Grip design
    Simple and easy to handle EVA straight grip. Rigid EVA is used for the grip end where force is applied when casting, and combined with its original shape, it achieves outstanding grip. In addition, a combination color ring with Heracles ‘initial H as a motif and Hercules’ original end plate showing quality are installed. Grip removable.