Overwhelming sharpness. Ken Fukushima’s absolute spinning rod

Hercules solid sensor, which was synonymous with top tournamenter Ken Fukushima . It is a solid tip spin that realizes a sharp and linear operation feeling by fusing a delicate solid tip and a firm belly to bat with tension in a short length of 6 feet 1 inch. It is a rod that can change the image of solid tip that is dull and poor in operability, and anglers actively operate it to create a bite opportunity, and establishes an aggressive finesse style to quickly apply. Fact “HFAS-61ULST” is further refined using the completed solid sensor blank.

The blank is unpainted and has an unsanded finish, and a small-diameter titanium frame and a torzeite ring guide are set to pursue further sharpness. Furthermore, by combining a compact grip with fact specifications, overwhelming operability is demonstrated. It realizes speedy rod work that cannot be substituted by other spinning rods such as quick cast movement and sharp action.

Fukushima’s solid tip covers all light rigs such as smorabas, drop shots, jig heads, neck rigs, and no sinkers. In addition to letting you inhale without giving a sense of incongruity, it is possible to feel the cast of the lightweight lure, the ease of operation, and even the slight change in the load on the tip.

Manipulate the light rig at will, induce a reaction bite with a sharp invitation, surely multiply and catch. Fukushima Ken’s absolute spinning rod for winning is the fact “HFAS-61 ULST”.

<Compatible lures & rigs>
Drop shot rig/nekorig/small rubber jig/jig head rig/no sinker etc.

■ Fact solid tip model rod concept
“jig, solid tip to the rod handle the operation system lure of worms such as absolute” For more details, click here

  • ■ Blank
    In order to realize a beautiful bend curve that does not feel the seam with the tubular belly part that tends to be unnatural due to the difference in hardness while maintaining the delicacy that feels atari, a solid with different taper at the tip and the original Used in the tip section. In addition, the tubular blank that uses 40t high-elasticity carbon and 4-axis Hercules cloth for the butt section has been made lighter to make it even lighter with the unpainted unsand finish (excluding the area around the logo). It has a wide range of adaptability to all light rigs and the delicacy of sensing the subtle difference in load on the tip.
  • ■ Guide system
    A tournament specification that is particular about weight reduction of tips without winding threads on the top guide (UV coating on steps to prevent catching lines). The Fuji Titanium frame K guide, which does not easily get entangled in the guide, is set as the other guide. All guides and ultra-thin ultralight torzeite ring specifications improve operability and sensitivity. In addition to good line slippage and a larger ring inner diameter compared to other guides of the same size, weight reduction also reduces blank blurring, reducing resistance during casting. We promise a further flight distance for the light rig.
  • ■ Fore grip
    Fukushima’s discerning design with a slight step in order to eliminate the fore grip for weight reduction and stabilize the position of the index finger. You can firmly perform actions that require force, such as hooking and interacting with the bus.
  • ■ Grip & reel seat
    Separate grip that focuses on operability and functionality. A lightweight and compact Fuji IPS reel seat that considers the balance with the fore, a cork material that emphasizes sensitivity for the center grip, and an EVA material that emphasizes durability for the rear grip. In addition, the separate part has been completely lightened with an unpainted unsand finish.
  • ■ Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Please see here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for

    “Commitment to Made in Japan” .

  • ■”National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified products
    A certificate that the “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” has certified to comply with the content and conditions based on the  Fair Competition Code on Labeling of Fishing Rods” approved by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Attached “Fishing rod fair mark”.

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