The fact that you can fish. Ken Fukushima, who has won numerous titles including the

JB World Champion, JB Bass Angler of the Year, and JB Classic Winner has created the ultimate tools for the purpose of pure fishing, “FACT”. It is a form of Fukushima’s unique image and a secret that cannot be expressed in words and is embodied in a form that anyone can experience the world.

Even if it doesn’t look new to the eye, or on the contrary, it’s extremely sharp, the result is that the result is horrible.
Ken Fukushima’s commitment is in shape. FACT. The facts are finally revealed.


Throw, roll, and catch, basic movements in ultra-high dimensions. Ability to feel and manipulate to induce further bytes.
Fukushima style technical scroll rod.

Ken Fukushima has won many tournaments by making good use of his site fishing and finesse fishing. On the other hand, he has the experience of winning the “Winding fishing”, and he is good at the practice of quickly judging the situation by fishing fishing and making a finesse based on that information in the game. It is a top tournament mentor who has deep knowledge not only in finesse but also in winding fishing. Fact 65M is a technically wound rod that Fukushima created to win fishing.

An all-tube, constructed in a theory different from that of Fact Solid Tip Finesse Rod in order to perform operations from throwing, winding, feeling the vibration of lure, manipulating, hooking to landing without loosening Ra regular taper medium action. And 6 feet 5 inches that can be actively manipulated in order to effectively induce the reaction bite that is characteristic of the scroll. The view of Fukushima, which transcends the specs, is included in the seemingly common spec as a 65M bus rod.

A moist feeling created by using carbon with a large amount of resin as the blank main material. With the exquisite feeling of “feeling but not feeling too much”, when fishing with a line stretched, it tends to occur when using a so-called high sensitivity rod, the body reacts by feeling Suppress troubles such as not getting on and getting light.

Moreover, in combination with the all-tubular regular taper blank designed based on the original theory that the entire blank is considered as a tip, not only the tip but the entire rod vibrates, so the point at which you can feel the movement of the lure is more at hand. Near (reel side). By “feeling with your hands, not with tips”, you can easily grasp changes and disturbances in vibration intensity, even if you do not feel too much, and you can measure the timing to operate.

And a high balance 6ft 5inch to change the troublesome phenomenon that lures often get caught in something such as bottoms, obstacles, underwater dust etc. in winding fishing into a bite opportunity. Feel and instantly dodge with rod work, or play with the rod to add speed changes. The performance of the rod further enhances the reaction bite inducing power of the wound lure.

Scrolls such as spinner baits, bladed jigs, shallow crank baits, top water, jerk baits, and even control lures such as Last Ace 168 . Fact 65M is the Fukushima-style technical winding rod that allows you to perform all the actions required for winding fishing in ultra-high dimensions, such as throwing, winding, feeling, manipulating, and catching.

<Corresponding lure & rig>
Supinabeito-Bazubeito / braided jig / shad / medium-sized swim bait / shallow-middle crankbait … Etc

  • ■ Blank
    The long cast performance that uses the entire rod is improved, and a regular taper all-tubular structure that does not feel the vibration of the winding lure at hand is adopted.

    A medium elastic carbon sheet with a large amount of resin is used as the main material in order to achieve an appropriate sensitivity (=wet feeling) that is not too overwhelming for winding rods. In addition, the unsanded finish is not applied, but the blank surface is painted to achieve the ideal moist feeling in Fukushima.

    Highly elastic 50t carbon assists the butt part, and reinforced with 4-axis Hercules cloth around the grip. Ensures proper tension and rigidity to give the lure a crisp action.

  • ■ Guide system
    Fuji K guide with SiC ring, stainless steel frame and single foot is used for all guides. Setting that draws out the original performance of the blank that minimizes interference with the bend curve by the guide foot.

    In addition, a guide with a larger diameter than the general setting is used on the tip side. The weight of the guide is used to make the rod easier to bend during casting, and at the same time, it contributes to a balance that allows it to be held slightly downward from the horizontal position, which allows you to perform winding motions all day long without stress.

  • ■ Fore grip
    Not only does the fore grip be eliminated, but the screw nuts on the reel seat are shorted to reduce weight.
  • ■ Grip & reel seat
    With a focus on balance with the fore, the separate grip that focuses on operability and functionality uses a slim and compact Fuji ECS reel seat, a center grip with sensitivity-sensitive cork material, and a rear grip with durability-oriented EVA material. In addition, the separate part is unpainted and unfinished, making it extremely lightweight.
  • ■ Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Please see here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for

    “Commitment to Made in Japan” .

  • ■”National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified products
    A certificate that the “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” has certified to comply with the content and conditions based on the  Fair Competition Code on Labeling of Fishing Rods” approved by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Attached “Fishing rod fair mark”.

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