EG action

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Jerkbait special to keep jerking comfortably.

EG action

Jerkbait fishing is possible with a 6-foot 6-inch class rod of Versatile, but it is not a dedicated rod, so it is burdened on the body by adding actions. As a result, it is a story that I often hear … I’m not good at jerking.

Hercules “EG Action” is a concept jerking special that the rod itself can help jerking without permission and continue jerking more comfortably.

The length of 6 feet 2 inches sells good operability. Jerk quick movement is easy without hitting the rod tip on the boat deck, and quick response immediately after hooking the decabas in a weed area like Lake Biwa is also possible.

If the rod is long, it may be dive into the weed with a delay of a few seconds after the bus starts. With this length (short) of less than 6 feet and a half, you can quickly tension the bus and drag it out without being pushed into the weed.

In addition, as a model dedicated to jerk bait, a specially designed rod tip central guide system is introduced. Stainless steel frames are used for the six guides including the top guide. The moderate weight and moderate tension by the guide setting make the action played forward easier. Dedicated rod that sticks to the essence of jerk bait. That is Hercules “EG Action”.


Low resin pure carbon is used as the main material. The bat is reinforced with a Hercules cloth manufacturing method that adds carbon fiber in two vertical and horizontal directions, and further in two diagonal directions. Blanks with uniform strength in all directions are completed by adding torsional rigidity that is obliquely crossed to vertical bending rigidity and horizontal compression rigidity. The return speed is fast, and at the same time, it is easy to swing through, can be cast from all directions, increase accuracy, improve flight distance, hooking response, and improve operability and sensitivity by weight reduction. The

Thread design
In Hercules Casting series, thread color is set for each rod. EG action adopts tricolor colored thread.

Guide system
Fuji stainless frame SiC ring guide is used for the top to # 5 guides, and Fuji titanium frame SiC ring guide is used for the # 6 to # 8 guides. All double foot guide specifications other than the top guide.

Rod tip centralized guide system
A special guide system for Jerkbait exclusive models that focuses on the tip. Stainless steel frames are used for the six guides including the top guide. The moderate weight and moderate tension by the guide setting make the action played forward easier.

Winding check
Champagne gold winding check with a beautiful combination with the gold ring is an important part that can be called a “signal booster” that amplifies the signal from the blanks and instantly transmits it to the hand.

Reel seat design
“The shape follows the function”. Original reel seat, EG Super Bus Seat Slim, developed by Evergreen, a tacticalist. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. The slim body of the original shape enhances casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming to reduce hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly with your little finger. Equipped with Hercules original reel seat emblem on a delicate black polish paint.

Grip design
Shaped grips and small end caps are used to prevent interference and clinging to clothing during jerking.