The ultimate balance between “tension” and “flexibility”.
New feeling cranking rod made of “ultra” low elastic carbon material.

Fact HFAC-66ML, a new feeling cranking rod that told top tournament mentor Ken Fukushima that “this ultra-low elastic carbon is better than glass.”

Fukushima, who never wants to loose valuable fish in tough situations such as tournaments in extreme conditions, has often used glass rods when winding shallow crankbaits and shads. Since the glass rod has high flexibility and good followability, it is not only easy to suck the lure into the back of the mouth by fishing with a line tension, but it is also difficult to hook and hooks with one piece of leather. It is also possible to prevent the bus from becoming dead, which has the advantage of increasing the possibility of catching it without loosening it.

However, there are situations where the suppleness of the glass material is a demerit, such as the ability to cast quickly with a sharp trajectory, the sensitivity when hitting the bottom is not good, and it is difficult to decide deep hooking at long distances. On the other hand, if you use a carbon rod that has more tension than glass, these disadvantages can be solved, but the problem that the tension interferes with suction and the precious bite is missed increases. I will.

Such contradictory elements of “tension” and “flexibility” are combined into a single blank… Adopting a special ultra-low-elasticity carbon material with even lower elasticity than the low-elasticity carbon commonly used for bass rods, The fact all tubular model 66ML is a cranking rod that combines “tension” and “flexibility” in the ultimate balance.

“The cast feel is just a carbon rod. Because the tip is not too shaken, it can be sharply shaken off, so even a crank bait with a fixed center of gravity can fly comfortably,” Fukushima said.

And, “At the time of reeling, it feels like a good mix of carbon and glass. The tip doesn’t get too violent, there is little fatigue even when wound for a long time, comfortable vibration is transmitted, and sensitivity is also good. Bottom and obstacles While pulling like a lick, it’s easy to cut off weeds and dust, and even with a long distance you can penetrate the hook firmly.”

In addition, “The feeling after catching the fish is closer to that of a glass rod than carbon. The condition that can not be neglected in cranking that it sucks well and is difficult to disperse is completely cleared,” said this rod. We will talk about the feeling of use.

The ideal shape of a cranking rod that can be used for the feeling of a carbon rod and has the flexibility of a glass rod. The shallow crank bait and shad are played out sharply, and you can retrieve while feeling the bottom and obstacles while licking. And let it inhale firmly and don’t loosen. The ultimate balance of “tension” and “flexibility” realized by “ultra” low elasticity carbon. Fact HFAC-66ML, a new type of cranking rod that combines the merits of carbon rod and glass rod.

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