Fukushima’s bait finesse all-rounder with a great finesse.

Top tournament professional Ken Fukushima’s bait finesse rod 66MST, who keeps finesse and keeps many bright results. It is an all-round bait finesse rod that mixes the operability to achieve the bite of spinning as well as the precision of casting with good bait style and good reworkability.

The tub section is reinforced with a highly elastic carbon and 4-axis Hercules cloth, and a tubular blank is composited with a solid tip that is particular to Fukushima.

In addition, it has excellent castability due to the blank of natural regular taper that does not feel a seam with solid tip and Fukushima’s particular guide setting. You can fly with a light rig without stress. It is also good at large shaking using the line with its solid tip and natural taper. At the same time, it also supports smooth suction. Packed with the elements of the top tournamenter’s demand.

It boasts a high level of ability to pinch the smoolaba and shoot the cover, invite long-casting neco rigs, down shots, and even fishing for small crank baits and shad winding. As Fukushima says, “Be sure to rig one wherever you go,” as it has a wide range of uses and can be used in any season or field. From open water to cover. Bait finesse style that took a step forward. All round and finesse bait rod, Fact 66 MST.

■ Fact solid tip model rod concept
“jig, solid tip to the rod handle the operation system lure of worms such as absolute” For more details, click here

  • ■ Blank
    While maintaining the delicacy that feels atari, in order to realize a beautiful bend curve that does not feel a seam with the tubular belly part that tends to be unnatural due to the difference in hardness, a solid with three stages of taper change Is used for the tip section. In addition, the tubular blank that uses 40t high-elasticity carbon and 4-axis Hercules cloth for the butt section has been made lighter to make it even lighter with the unpainted unsand finish (excluding the area around the logo). With a smooth bend curve that does not feel a seam and a total balance of attention, you can perform all operations from casting to landing without stress.
  • ■ Guide system
    Fuji K guide with Torzite ring, titanium frame and single foot is used for all guides. By reducing the weight of the rod and minimizing the interference of the guide foot with the bend curve, operability and sensitivity are improved. In addition, the line slips well, and the ultra-thin ultra-lightweight torzite ring, which has a larger ring inner diameter than other guides of the same size, promises a lightweight lure with a further flight distance.
  • ■ Fore grip
    The fore design of Fukushima sticking out a very small EVA with a unique shape to improve the fit of the index finger by eliminating the fore grip for weight reduction. Palming is stable and operability such as rod action is improved.
  • ■ Grip & reel seat
    With a focus on balance with the fore, the separate grip that focuses on operability and functionality uses a slim and compact Fuji ECS reel seat, a center grip with sensitivity-sensitive cork material, and a rear grip with durability-oriented EVA material. In addition, the separate part has been completely lightened with an unpainted unsand finish.
  • ■ Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Please see here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for

    “Commitment to Made in Japan” .

  • ■”National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified products
    A certificate that the “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” has certified to comply with the content and conditions based on the  Fair Competition Code on Labeling of Fishing Rods” approved by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Attached “Fishing rod fair mark”.

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