Airegius LTS

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An absolute advantage in Bait Finesse. Outstanding cast performance and operability.

Airegius LTS

An LTS factory tune model that further refines the performance of Air Regius specialized in light rig warming and light plugging . You should be able to feel the significant weight reduction not only on specs but also in actual battles.

LTS conversion improves the ability to throw even lighter rigs without stress. More delicate rod action is possible. Extends Hercules 4-axis reinforcement to enhance bat power. However, not only strengthening, but also by bending the entire rod by a special semi-micro guide setting, the advantage that it is difficult to break the light line together and fight stand out.

In addition, by bending, the power of the entire rod is pulled out to the maximum without any loss, and the performance of bringing a big bass is strengthened. Needless to say the lightweight neko rig, it has a light weight small rubber jig and a drop shot that can be freely controlled to make delicate operations easier.

Even hard baits such as small shads. An absolute advantage in bait finesse in a tougher field. Born to open a mouth and catch a lazy bus that does not use the mouth even if she is present. That is Airregius LTS.

<Supported lures & rigs>
Bait cats / Small rubber jigs / Drop shot rigs / Small minnows / shads / Small crank baits / Metal vibrations etc …

■ Hercules LTS concept is here


4-axis reinforcement is extended from the original guide to the guide one level higher than the original Aeregius blank. We further refined the strong bat power.

Guide system
Adopts a unique semi-micro guide setting (all Fuji titanium frame SiC ring guides) with the former guide in front. This setting reduces the loss of bat power and makes full use of the potential of blanks. At the same time, lighter weight and higher sensitivity are realized with the smaller guide diameter.

Grip & reel seat
EVA separate grip pursuing light weight & operability & durability. The foregrip has a simple structure with a 4-axis carbon sleeve for direct touch feeling and light weight. The reel seat adopts Fuji ACS with an offset design with improved gripping support such as main trigger and second trigger. The grip end is fitted with a combination color ring with Heracles’ initial H as a motif and a Hercules original end plate showing quality.