Extra-dimensional casting precision & power to catch.
Short length that maximizes bait finesse.


Fact 511MHST, a short length that has been used secretly by top tournament mentor Ken Fukushima as secret rod for several years. Delicate and flexible solid tip to cast the lure used in bait finesse accurately and unequivocally, and to maximize bait finesse that mixes the softness element of MH power bat to reliably convey hooking power and capture It is a rod.


■Extra-dimensional casting accuracy-Lightweight rig to a 10cm x 10cm pin spot

First and foremost, the amazing casting precision that sets it apart from just short rods. According to Fukushima, “It is possible to accurately send a light lure to a 10 cm square pin spot with a low trajectory in the wind.” The advantage of high precision cast is immeasurable not only in the fierce top tournaments where only one miss cast can win or lose, but also for high pressure basses in various parts of Japan that easily overlook lures.

The secret is the delicate and flexible solid tip set in a taper that emphasizes casting. Cast accuracy and maneuverability unique to short rods have evolved significantly, and you can freely control all cast forms such as side hands, backhands, pitching to the deepest overhang and pockets of the cover, and lightweight lures from various angles. It enables to feed with high precision.


■ Power for catching ~ To compensate for the short-length weaknesses

However, it is meaningless with a rod that only determines the cast. Of course, if you decide to cast to the pin spot around the cover, it will be easier for the bus to use your mouth, but you need to pull the bus away from the complicated spot quickly.

Therefore, the belly-butt tubular part has a power setting of MH, which can be said to be non-standard as a bait finesse rod, in order to compensate for the short hooking stroke that was also a weak point of the short rod and to have sufficient power. Designed to be thick. Coupled with Fukushima’s particular grip shape, which is set so that it can be firmly gripped, you can secure sufficient hooking power and at the same time transmit that power to the bus.


■Bite chance increases with delicate operation, ultimate sensitivity, and overwhelming speed

Of course, the ultra-sensitive lure operation that opens the mouth of a tough bass and the ultimate sensitivity that makes you feel a sense of discomfort are performances unique to Short Length & Facttune Solid Tips. What’s more, with this rod, you can get a better return than the previous bait finesse style. With a one-handed cast with a snap effect and a motionless cast using a tip, you can play high precision cast like a machine all day long, handle it, feel it and increase your bite chance.

Fact 511MHST has been a part of the secret of Fukushima Ken’s strength. Castability, maneuverability, operability, power… A short length that differs from the rod that is only short in taste and lid. An ideal short-length rod that is hidden inside you to bring out the casting ability and further enhances it, and combines the power to be acquired to maximize the high precision casting. That is fact 511MHST.


<Compatible lures & rigs>
High specific gravity Worm No sinker/Bait cat/Small rubber jig/Light Texas rig etc…


■ Fact solid tip model rod concept
“jig, solid tip to the rod handle the operation system lure of worms such as absolute” For more details, click here

  • ■ Blank
    With a focus on casting accuracy, a solid tip with a tapered design that allows the power to be transferred from the tip to the belly without discomfort is set. The belly to butt tubular part has both strength and tenacity because it is made of low resin pure carbon and is unpainted unsanded finish (excluding the area around the logo), and the bat part is reinforced with 4-axis Hercules cross Both power and lightness. With a smooth bend curve that does not feel a seam and a total balance of attention, you can perform all operations from casting to landing without stress.
  • ■ Guide system
    Fuji K guide with Torzite ring, titanium frame and single foot is used for all guides. By reducing the weight of the rod and minimizing the interference of the guide foot with the bend curve, operability and sensitivity are improved. In addition, the line slips well, and the ultra-thin ultra-lightweight torzite ring, which has a larger ring inner diameter than other guides of the same size, promises a lightweight lure with a further flight distance.
  • ■ Fore grip
    Fukushima’s discerning fore design eliminates the fore grip for weight reduction and adds a subtle step to hook the forefinger between the reel seat and the blank. In addition, the screw nut of the reel seat is short-circuited so that the forefinger can surely catch the step. A shape to cover the short hooking stroke of the short rod, which allows you to firmly apply force during hooking and landing.
  • ■ Grip & reel seat
    The Fuji ACS reel seat is used because the trigger position is slightly ahead, so grip and palming can be done without requiring excessive force. The center grip is a cork material that emphasizes sensitivity, the rear grip is an EVA material that emphasizes durability, and the separate part is an unpainted unsanded finish, which is extremely lightweight. It is a setting that enhances cast & operation accuracy that excels with short rods.
  • ■ Made in Japan
    This product is made in Japan. Please see here (Grand Cobra Product Development Concept) for

    “Commitment to Made in Japan” .

  • ■”National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” certified products
    A certificate that the “National Fishing Rod Fair Trade Council” has certified to comply with the content and conditions based on the  Fair Competition Code on Labeling of Fishing Rods” approved by the Fair Trade Commission and the Commissioner of the Consumer Affairs Agency. Attached “Fishing rod fair mark”.

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