EG moving

Satoshishin’s Makimono Special Weapon.
EG Moving is a new synonym for moving Versatile.

EG moving

An EG Moving that uses a Hercules manufacturing method to create a moving versatile tile with the motif of the famous warrior inherited from the first Combat Stick to Tactics as the original Versatile rod. It is not a rod that has a special usage or bending method, but the true value of EG Moving is hidden there.

The range of compatible lures is top class in the Hercules series. Shallow to middle range crankbaits, vibrations, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, minnows, topwater, wakebaits, and other hard baits, as well as small worm swim baits, light to middleweight rubber jigs, Texas rigs, heavy buns, etc. It can handle jig style worms without stress.

The flexible blanks maximize the performance essential for fishing. Supports high-level performance that turns into a bite more smoothly from the condition of winding resistance at the time of retrieval, and sucks and rides without giving the bus a sense of incongruity with changes in bend that flows smoothly.

In addition, the blank characteristics with moderate tension and sensitivity unique to carbon rods, combined with the length of 6 feet 7 inches, combines cast accuracy and long-throw performance. In addition, the tension and sensitivity can be applied to the technique of creating a flickering sensation, such as hooking on a weed and cutting sharply, and feeling the moment when it hits a rock or branch in the water. Of course, the bat power that twists the decabas is unique to the Hercules manufacturing method.

Shinji Sato, who says, “Be sure to hold the grip firmly to prevent the rod from moving due to the effect of reeling. On the other hand, it’s also a moving style that keeps throwing well. By setting it to a grip length that can be pinched to the side so that the handling is not too long, the basic operation of “continuous cast” & “winding with reduced blurring” can be performed reliably.

Everything is necessary to realize a moving-type versatile.

Low resin pure carbon is used as the main material. In addition, the bat part is reinforced with a Hercules cloth manufacturing method that adds carbon fiber in 2 vertical and 2 horizontal directions, and 4 diagonal directions. Blanks with uniform strength in all directions are completed by adding torsional rigidity that is obliquely crossed to vertical bending rigidity and horizontal compression rigidity. Improved swing-through, casting accuracy from all directions, flight distance, hooking response, operability, and sensitivity.

Guide system
Adopted Fuji stainless frame SiC ring guide. The # 4-8 guide has a double foot that increases the rigidity of the bat-berry, and the # 1-3 guide has a single foot specification that increases the flexibility of the tip. This is a setting to bend flexibly against the bite and let the bus inhale without feeling uncomfortable.

Thread design
In Hercules Casting series, thread color is set for each rod. Tricolor collar thread is used for EG moving as a proof of Shinji Sato Special Edition.

Reel seat design
“The shape follows the function”. Original reel seat, EG Super Bus Seat Slim, developed by Evergreen, a tacticalist. A simple and functional form that balances various operations required for bass fishing. Slim body improves casting accuracy and balances all fingers in palming, reducing hand pain and fatigue. In addition, the unprecedented length and shape of the seat end can be gripped firmly to the little finger. Equipped with Hercules original reel seat emblem on a delicate black polish paint.

Grip design
Simple and easy to handle EVA straight grip. Rigid EVA is used for the grip end where force is applied when casting, and combined with its original shape, it achieves outstanding grip. In addition, a combination color ring with Heracles ‘initial H as a motif and Hercules’ original end plate showing quality are installed.